Thursday, September 24, 2009

How the Other .0001% Lives

For this installment of "How the Other .0001% Lives," the only acceptable schools to send your children to (again from the Filthy Rich Handbook):

St. Albans (Washington , DC) "Vote for me!"
Chapin (New York, NY) "Ladies First"
Collegiate (New York, NY) "The Oldest in the Nation - and they know it"
Dalton ( New York, NY) "It's all downhill from here"
Francis Parker (Chicago, IL) "Lincoln Park is the center of the universe"
Hockaday (Dallas, TX) "Home of the Hockadaises"
St. John's (Houson, TX) "Rejected George W Bush"
Latin School of Chicago (Chicago, IL) "Northwestern or Bust"
Mary Institute and St Louis Country Day School (St. Louis, MO) "Headland in the Heartland"
National Cathedral (Washington, DC) "My daddy can subpoena your daddy"
Sidwell Friends (Washington, DC) "play dates at 1600"
Spence (New York, NY) "fast track for fast girls"

Choate Rosemary Hall ( Wallingford, CT) "tune in, turn on, get A's"
Deerfield Academy (Deerfield, MA) "from B-list to A'list"
St George's (Newport, RI) "cute but dumb"
Groton (Groton, MA) "home of the snotty grotties"
Hotchkiss (Lakeville, CT) "no drinking. no drugs. no kidding. fun stops here."
Lawrenceville (Lawrenceville, NJ) "good ol' school"
Middlesex (Concord, MA) "puts the sex in st. grottlesex"
Phillips Academy (Andover, MA) "it's andover, stupid"
Phillips Exeter Academy ( Exeter, NH) "harvard, here I come"
Miss Porters (Farmington, CT) " the final word in finishing"
Taft (Watertown, CT) "all in the family"

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