Friday, November 13, 2009

The Elusive Effortless Style: How Do They Do It?

What is the secret of all those super stylish girls out there? They seem to be able to pull off almost anything, and with such ease and grace you'd think that it was, "oh, just something I pulled off my floor," and it in fact, sometimes is. There's a common thread among the painfully chic, and I'm ready to share the secrets!

- Trying a risky piece? Keep everything else simple. That means combining that micro micro mini with a sleek, simple blazer and platform pumps, not a skinny stiletto and overdone jewelry.

- These days, the easiest way to get noticed (in the good way), is to try out a "tough" or "edgy" piece: it can be anything from a rock n' roll style necklace to studded booties. Then, see above.

- Take your fashion equation and stick to it, evolving it piece by piece overtime. This should be something that is well thought out - a signature style. People will begin to associate you with a certain "look" and the ease of that look comes from practice. Exhibit A: Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Carla Bruni, Erin Wasson.

-Don't be a slave to trends or labels - if you love something enough, wear it all the time! (Personally, four days and running with this faux fur vest I'm wearing right now). Learn to build an outfit around that piece.

- It's not what you're wearing so much as how you wear it, so rock a confident attitude and stay true to your personal style. The worst thing to me is someone overloaded with trends for the sake of being trendy. If I want to wear a Brooks Brothers boy's blue blazer once a week for the rest of my life (and it's looking like it's going that way), so be it. It can be with a mini dress, jeans, a poofy skirt...I can constantly change my outfit without changing my style.

- Don't pull out all the stops in one go, however, unless all your stops are simple and work together. What do I mean? Stretch out your goods - try a new piece here, mixed with an old one there, mixed with vintage, mixed with high-street fashion...piling it all on looks like you walked out of 5F at Bergdorf's - which, don't get me wrong, is fine - but not the way to win people over with your personal style. It just shows them you know how to shop a department store.

- Try it on, kids! Try your clothes on. I cannot stress this enough. If they don't fit, take them to a tailor. Jesus, my tailor, and I, are likethis - because he knows what I like and what I want done to my stuff to make it "me." If that means taking home all the junk you buy to try on in the comfort of your own home, then do it - just make sure that you have the return policy clear (American Apparel, I'm still mad about that!).

- It's all in the foundation - if the principles are there, the rest will fall into place. And soon, you'll realize you don't just have clothes, you have a wardrobe.

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