Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Coming: Winter.

I HATE the cold and winter - I still can't believe that I survived this many winters in New York. I long for the days of summer, when I can take a long, leisurely stroll to brunch, eat outside, and really enjoy myself. Now, it's just a huge hassle to even get to Whole Foods, much less scamper to a restaurant where I have to strip as soon as I get in due to the high contrast in winter weather and indoor heating. Don't fret, my New Yorkers - some restaurants want you to have the best of both worlds and remind you that dining in the winter isn't always so bad.

Restaurants with heated outdoor space:

Aquagrill (although I don't recommend going when there is precipitation involved)


Da Silvano (ditto as Aquagrill)


De Santos


Shake Shack (they heat you long enough to wait for that burger!)

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