Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guys, You’re Breaking My Heart!

I conducted a very loose poll with a very unscientific method to get some results about what guys think about fashion. And the results, while not surprising, were funny, educational, and a good jumping off point for some style tips playing right into guys’ favorites.


This I understand. Sort of. It’s a weird, very hipster New York wannabe gypsy look, worn almost exclusively by those that have never worn patchouli. A more guy-friendly option for head adornments? Just a regular headband. My guys weren’t opposed to it at all. It’s chic, sophisticated, and a little innocent.


Mischa, hippie style Blair looking lovely

My favorite Blair headband, if you were wondering:



I see a Chanel bag and I think “must have classic,” “worth the investment",” and “drop dead gorgeous.” Guys look at it and see 10 Nintendo Wiis, 2 Playstations, and 1 deluxe Guitar Hero. Something you both can get into is a cross-body bag – it’s chic, comfortable, and gives off a laid back attitude. Best time if ever there was one to break out your high school Prada nylon messenger bag. Hey, you’re recycling!


Please, especially don’t put a dog in this.


Ok, most guys who took the poll confessed that they had to look this up. Peter pan collars are meant to evoke a school-girlish charm and add femininity to a blouse. Small children still wear these, sometimes with bows and ribbons. Not buying it? Try just a crisp popped collar on a button-down. Sexy, not school-age.

323_c409748ajuicy blouse revolve


I have a feeling that most guys’ minds immediately flashed to poor Jessica Simpson in those highly unflattering jeans, the kind that have a tendency to make you look like you’re carrying a small child even if you are not. Fix this, but do it on the sly. Wear those high-waisted jeans for the reason you love them – to make you look longer and leaner! But don’t tuck things into the jeans – let them out over. No one will have to know they’re high-waisted.


Poor thing Penelope gets it right


This was a shocker to me – really, guys? And then I realized that our references for ruffles are very different. I see ruffles as the modern version, soft and sexy and oozing femininity. I’ve been informed, however, that the mental image that comes to mind is one of Scarlett O’Hara or Queen Elizabeth II. I know ruffles can get out of control, but girls, I say just go with it and give yourself this one. Their lacking vocabulary isn’t our fault. As I’ve been informed, “You say Ruffles, I think potato chips.”


No. Unless you’re going to Old South.

lulus39cynthiasteffe proenza1ruffles pl759181-01p01v01rebeccataylorruffle

Welcome to the modern ruffle, guys.

Lulu*s, Cynthia Steffe SS2010, Proenza Schouler SS2010, Lulus, Central Park West for Piperlime, Rebecca Taylor SS2010

Remember, always wear what you’re comfortable in first and don’t worry about guy hot/girl hot stuff. Strut your style! And if you are wondering what ranked #1 on most guys lists, it was either a tight dress (blah), or a tank top, tight jeans, and high heels. Try these:


Kain tank, Revolve Clothing, $79


Notify Jeans, The Outnet, $67.50


Dior platform sandal, Neiman Marcus, $337

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