Monday, February 8, 2010

Adventures in Red: A Social Experiment

So, last weekend I decided to try a little experiment. I never wear red because I feel like it is unflattering to me and makes me look like I'm auditioning to be a member of the Versace family. And red is a VERY tricky color to pull off – but a color that guys supposedly are drawn to, according to countless women's magazines. I roll my eyes at this, but was secretly curious so I decided to wear a red racerback zip tank out on Saturday night.
Me, Hilary, you know, kind of the same thing.
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And what do you know…it was like moths to a flame. All moths but the one I really wanted (boo), but it was almost as if my guy friends were suddenly under a spell! Seriously. They were bringing me beers without really quite knowing why they all of a sudden wanted to. I felt powerful and sexy and confident…too bad the night didn’t end up going my way!

Hopefully you’ll have some more luck with these tips on how to wear red.

Keep it simple. Red ruffles, red flowers, red beading, rhinestones – you don’t want any of it. Keep the shape streamlined so you avoid looking like a Senorita or a Prom Queen. Or a hooker, even though hooker is soo in this season. This might be best as a halter, a one-shoulder, a racerback, or strapless depending on your body type. 

ohno victoriassecret88
yikes. and work it, girl.  convertible dress, victoria’s secret $88

Find the right red for you. Tomato, persimmon, vermilion, coral, maroon, and berry don’t suit me – I’m more of a vampy and pure retro red. Find a red that works for you in the cut you need. This will probably prove to be much harder than you think, but stick with it. The results were so tangible and quantifiable and a major self-esteem booster!

TomatoRed rightred
bad red, good red.

A few red items from the shopping sphere:

And the red master, M. Valentino…that little orange man has always known red is what makes women look best. This, from his finale show, Spring 2008 Couture.

kiss kiss

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