Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reasons We Loved Kell on Earth Last Night

kellycutrone* She tells it like it is.

* She has a quick way with her words, for example:

- “This is not dress up. This is not Barbie.”

-“I didn’t really think it would be such a big deal since half the people in a front row at a fashion show are sleeping with people for money — sometimes they’re just called their wives.”

- “People are still so archaic. Who’s a hooker? Am I a hooker? Do I necessarily want to speak to my clients every day? No. Do I have to talk to them because they’re paying me money to give them good phone? Hell yeah.”

- “She [Robyn] is like Snow White with razor blades. Sweet with an edge.” (Ok I only like this because I like to think it pertains to me as well)

- "I got really tired of interviewing blond girl after blond girl. 'Hi! I'm real excited to be here!' I just think, 'oh god.' So when Andrew walked in I was really excited…He was all in black and was wearing all this bondage jewelry and, I think he was wearing a skirt."

And passed them onto her seven year old daughter, Ava:

I don’t want to dress up if I’m going to sit third row.”

* She shows the unglamorous side of fashion and fashion week – it’s not all sitting around laughing in a fashion closet! That’s what probably drove her to it in the first place.

* She did not feel compelled to get dressed up or put on makeup for the cameras –she really doesn’t care about self-promotion.

*She hired Andrew. Both of them. Especially the one that "…left everything I had in California, a successful career—mind you—to come to New York and be called a retard. Supposedly living my dream."

* She lives where she works – it’s actually pretty smart for her. No way I’d ever do it, but it seems to work. She’s brillz.

photo from Gawker

Kell on Earth airs on Bravo on Mondays at 10pm EST.

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