Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Embossed Graphics & An Elegant Twist

Looking for new stationary? Grab a great discount from our friends Alexa and Catherine over at An Elegant Twist. They’re offering 20% off custom stationary. Simple steps:

1. Visit Embossed Graphics to pick your card type.

2. Pick a color, a style, and all the trimmings: colored lining, custom return addresses, etc.

3. Send an email to Alexa at She’ll send you a total with a 20% discount.

4. You tell her where to ship, send her a check, and a few days later you have gorgeous stationary.


Some of my favorite color combinations on a bordered flat card (my card of choice):
White card + hot pink monogram

White card + purple monogram

White card + mint monogram

Cream card + brown monogram

Cream card + navy monogram

Cream card + gold monogram

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