Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Great Debate: “For Whom Does The Door Open?” & “Front or Back?”

This from Social Primer:

Dear SP

Regarding your post on door etiquette…here’s a question: If it’s true that people entering a building should allow those exiting to go before them, what does a guy do when exiting a building as a lady walks in? Which takes precedence: 1) those exiting, first or 2) ladies first?

(unsigned) Sasha

Dear Sasha,

Age and Beauty always take precedence in introductions and in entering and exiting. You would allow a woman or an elder to enter before you exited.


Hello SP,

I have an etiquette question which I cannot find the answer to anywhere. I must be terrible at using Google!

When entering a row of seats, where people are already seated, which way should I face when squeezing past them. Either direction seems equally rude, but I’m sure one is less rude than the other.



Dear Tony,

This is such a great question and one I’ve never been asked before. You would always face the seated. It’s better to have an awkward smile as you pass than an anonymous butt squeezing by.

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