Saturday, March 13, 2010

Step 1 in Decluttering Your Life

I am in need of a MAJOR life reorganization, and Nicole from Well-worn via D*s shares her tips for making your bedroom the first step in getting your life together. (Ok, projecting that last part, but she really wants you to find tranquility and peace in your bedroom!)


1. Keep it simple. Necessities only.

Check for me, my New York City room is super small so I can’t fit anything more than just the necessities in it. This means removing all the extra crap – boxes, desks and shelves you don’t use, assorted clothing storage, etc.

2. Clear your nightstand top.

Guilty. I have books, pictures, a lamp, mirrors, and lots of other “stuff” on my nightstand which happens to be the top of my dresser. (ehem, see #1). But for those of you with normal sized rooms, keep it clear of the clutter. Have your one lamp for reading (better yet, have sconces) and put away the books and magazines. Bedside containers are a great place to store these, if not underneath the actual table top.

3. Put away the electronics.

Also guilty. Have tripped over my phone charger countless times in the middle of the night (since it runs from the living room into my bedroom – welcome to New York!). Try one of the new charging stations or run your cords through the back of a drawer if your nightstand has one. You will be so much calmer not seeing that pesky black cord running across your floor.

4. Get creative.

Need even more space? Try putting your dresser in your closet, or a mini home office in there. Use up as much dead space as possible behind closed doors so you have a clean and serene room. Don’t forget under the bed – I have awesome storage things from Ikea that I can actually stack on top of each other for double storage duty under my bed. A bedskirt will hide any ugly plastic containers.

bedroom designed by Nate Burkus

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