Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Enough A Little Too Late

Y’all. I ate practically (85%) of a king cake for breakfast the other day. And where did said king cake come from? I sent it to myself. That’s right – the ultimate fat kid move. And what a pretty king cake it was! When the lady called to confirm my order, she said, “You know Mardi Gras is over, right?” To which I replied, “yes…I just want to eat it. All.” Is that really so bad?



This little baby can be yours for only $19 (!) from Sucre in NOLA. Best breakfast ever.


  1. brilliant idea, and no, not a bad idea at all. I have a very easy do it yourself recipe that turns out pretty awesome as well and is about $10 bucks all in. I can send it to you if interested.

  2. just seeing this, behind on my comments! I'd love to get a recipe. You can email it to me at Thanks!

  3. Just now stumbling on this & had to laugh b/c my brother is a health nut but will inhale a king cake in one sitting. Love king cake time!



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