Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Fashion: A to Z Part III


is for…

Long chain clutches

proenzabag   chanelbag

Proenza Schouler, Chanel via

I’ve always loved a bag with a long chain so I can wear it cross body (lazy pants McGee over here), but now there’s a whole new way to wear what you already own. Carry it like a clutch, letting the chain hang down.




Michael Kors via

Clear is in (see Ankle wrap sandal), from head to toe. Lucite and acrylic (the cheaper version)  popped up all over the runway. Designers like Alexis Bittar and R.J. Graziano and Ben Amun have great options at all price points for you to experiment.



is for…

Messy braids


Alexander Wang and Miu Miu via

The messier, dirtier, longer, the better.  Read more in my Everything Middle School is Coming Up Cool Again post!



Christian Dior via

Metallics are always in in my book, but this go round it’s all about silver lame. Liquid metallics make the new neutral feel fresh. This is one trend where I’d suggest going all the way first and not in small accents. You’re making an impact, ma cherie!



is for…



Skirt, Lisa Marie Hernandez,, $295

Surf’s up this season – neoprene came on fast and strong. Basically, anything that looks like a wet suit is trendy – keep it streamlined in bright colors and blacks.



Nude you see it, nude you don’t. A blessing and a curse, nudes are for the brave (and the tan, although Nicole Kidman pulls it off fabulously). Try the flesh trend in a dress; a skirt or a top is just going to make the other piece look like it’s floating – and like you’re topless/skirtless!


is for…

Open Weave


Lots of designers were claiming to have been inspired by Japanese basket-weaving. Up in the air for me on that one, but it sure is pretty on this Carolina Herrera look!



is for…




There’s an alternative to animal and florals in the prints department, and thank goodness – these new photo/optical illusion inspired prints, stretched to make them abstract, are the new way to put your best print forward.


It won’t make you hip-heavy; it defines your waist in the opposite way. Just make sure you work it in nice fabrics so that it doesn’t look cheap. Try this Urban Outfitters skirt.



Heidi’s back from the Alps by way of France and picked up a little sophisticated chic along her way. Hints of Hansel and Gretel and Frauline Maria were accented by super cool or streamlined accessories for an overall “The Hills Are Alive with The Sound of Summer” feeling.

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