Saturday, April 3, 2010

There’s Nothing You Can’t Do

via Refinery29:

Genius, New York Mag: compiling over 50 celebrities’ memories about their first years in New York in: My First New York: Early Adventures in the Big City.

A few below:

chloe-sevigny-my-first-ny.jpgChloë Sevigny, actress
Arrived: 1991

"By the time I was a junior, I think my parents were a little nervous. Sometimes I'd lie and say I was at a friend's house in Greenwich. They would not have been happy if they knew that I was at a rave all night long and then sleeping in the park. But not like a homeless person—like a teenager."

james-franco-my-first-ny.jpgJames Franco, actor and student
Arrived: 2008

"I'd never really taken the subway before. I love it! The one thing is, I used to listen to a lot of audiobooks in my car in L.A., and now I don't have that."

lauren-hutton-my-first-ny.jpgLauren Hutton, model and actress
Arrived: 1964

"I came to New York for two things: to get to Africa and to find LSD."

Also in the book: Chuck Close, Graydon Carter, Naomi Campbell, Lorne Michaels, DVF…and so on.

Me: Arrived 2006

“I was ready to take the city by storm – to do everything with everyone all the time. I didn’t care that I lived in an apartment the size of a trash can. I came to prove that I could do it – and I’m doing it.”

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