Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Preppy People Doing Preppy Things

Also, just learned what a “drunken preppy” is from the folks at Ditch Plains:

Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half tea) + Gin

um, YUM.

Speaking of Ditch Plains, listen to how fabulous this is: Sundays, starting at 4pm, they have a lobster bake for just $30 and $4 draft beers. Sounds amazing!

Another era, same stuff.

acontleanlife acontleanlife2 acontleanlife3 acontleanlife4 

Mr. 1968 is a hottie…I’ll forgive that he went to Princeton (joke!).

takeivyacl3   takeivyacl6 takeivyacl7 takeivyacl2takeivyacl1

Looks like it wasn’t just Georgia Kappas in the 60’s and 70’s that enjoyed the tree pictures.

thetradunc1968.1 thetradunc1968.2 thetradunc1968   

black and white images courtesy of LIFE magazine, via A Continuous Lean

color images courtesy of “Take Ivy”, via The Trad

sorority pictures from Chapel Hill, 1968 via The Trad

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