Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pretty Things


Things that make me happy because they are beautiful.

That’s all.



new Lanvin store on the Upper East Side

via Habitually Chic


shoe wall at the new Lanvin store

via Habitually Chic


Meryl Streep looking like a fox (and like Mama in the 70’s!)


favsies from Chanel Resort 2010


adorable white puppy on We Heart It

omg I want to eat this puppy. so cute.

via We Heart It


so jealous of this ring. Ah-mazing.

via Bardot in Blue


beautiful model, beautiful chair, beautiful photograph by Dean Isidro (who is a beautiful man!)

Dean Isidro for Cosmopolitan, 2009


only the best gift a girl could receive.

via Dear World You’re Pretty


my dream dream house. Can you see me in it? Right there in the front window, furiously Cloroxing.

image via Michael Partenio


All lucite all the time – so chic. Gotta find a way to get it on the super super cheap!



Grace Kelly in High Society


Katie Holmes back in business, wearing two of my favorite things: Vivier pumps and stripes. Thank goodness she’s found a (hot) middle between Joey and Mrs. Tom Cruise

via Guest of a Guest


Sad that this excites me more than the Lanvin shoe wall?

Keds for the Whitney exclusively at Bloomingdale’s


everyone needs a cute Asian baby. ( I can say that. I’m part Asian)

viaeverythingfabulous (2)

1. Ribbon 2. Jars 3. Pretty things contained and organized in jars. Yep, heaven.

via Everything Fabulous


I want a dinner party here. On a porch somewhere down South.

via i suwannee


Faye Dunaway – people tell me I look like her. I’ll definitely take it!

iomoi8 for 12

beautiful match boxes that basically will never get used because they’re too pretty

via iomoi, 8 for $12


Want to steal this Hermes bag right off her mongolian wooly arm. Boyfriend, if you’re reading, buy me this please!

via Jak and Jill


This car reminds me of high school…how badly I wanted to be the girlfriend of the guy that drove the D90. Now, I’d flip out about safety and seatbelts and such.



Yes, Leighton’s back on top again! Love the hair, makeup, styling – no more of the weird questionable outfits (Leighton, not Blair) she’s been wearing lately. Quel disaster. Viva la Leighton!

via cocomia


Wonder how much these cost? I’m surrounded by beautiful things from both these collections every day that I can’t have, so I will definitely settle for a designer lollipop.


Enjoy! Hope these images gave you as much inspiration and smiles as they did for me.

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