Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ways to Get Where The Style Things Are

Like the new site? We’re I.L. – that’s In Love. We think it’s perfect, but we designed it!

If you’re liking what you see, there are a few ways to get WTSTA so you’re up to date on all your information.


DIRECT: Type in our url – the new one, Or, the old one works too,

FACEBOOK: Visit our facebook page

TWITTER: Follow us on twitter – WTSTAishere for all the little things I can’t expand on into full posts

EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION: For people like my mama, who might forget to visit as much as they want to. Sign up!

RSS FEED: Add me to your BlogLovin’ or Google Reader so you get my posts immediately after they’re posted. It treats them like emails coming into an inbox, so you don’t have to bounce around the site.

Thanks Y’all! Big k xx



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