Thursday, October 28, 2010

Required Reading

"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde



via Southern Living


Books that have recently been on my nightstand:

How Did You Get This Number?

Special Topics in Calamity Physics

House of Mirth

South of Broad

Once is Not Enough

Story of My Life

Cold Sassy Tree

Trail of Crumbs

Little Bee


What’s on yours? Any recommendations?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Swedes Do Preppy: Morris

morris9 morris morris1 morris2 morris3 morris4 morris5 morris6 morris7 morris8

I love, love, love these images from Swedish brand Morris  - makes me want to get back to summer asap!!

Guidelines for A Man’s Closet

Again, from the Art of Manliness, a great and comprehensive article that I could write no better myself. Bravo Antonio!closetmen

The Constant Professional’s Wardrobe

Written by Antonio Centeno President, A Tailored Suit

You wear a suit Monday through Friday, often find you are having dinner with clients, and even on the weekends dress well as you might run into colleagues and clients out on the town.  Your image is tied closely to the reputation you have carefully crafted over the years – a man who pays attention to the details and can be trusted to handle others people’s affairs with professionalism.

Items that should be in the Constant Professional’s wardrobe:

  • 6+ Suits
  • 3+ Pair Dress Shoes
  • 2 Pair Casual Leather Shoes
  • Belts that match above shoes
  • 15+ Dress Shirts
  • 15+ Ties
  • 1 Pair jeans that fit – no holes
  • 4 Pair Slacks, Dark & Light
  • 4+ Button-up collared sport shirts
  • 2+ Solid Polo Shirts
  • 5+ Sweaters
  • 10+ Undershirts V-neck
  • 2+ Sports Jackets
  • 1 Navy Blazer
  • 10+ Pocket Squares
  • 2 Simple Dress Watches
  • 1 Overcoat
  • 1 Pair Leather Gloves
  • 1 Trenchcoat
  • 1 Hat
  • Presentable Athletic Clothing
  • Collar Stays, Cuff Links

Items that would be helpful for the Constant Professional to have:

  • Full black tie ensemble – A onetime investment enables you to have a perfect fitting and better quality tuxedo that has paid for itself after 5 wearings.


The Business Owner’s Wardrobe

You occasionally wear a suit when meeting with clients or investors but in the confines of your office you are more casual while still maintaining a level of professionalism around your employees.  In the evenings with friends and family you are much more relaxed, and even if you head to the office Saturday morning, you’re going in jeans and a polo.

Items that should be in the Business Owner’s wardrobe:

  • 1+ Suits
  • 1+ Pair Dress Shoes
  • 2 Pair Casual Leather Shoes
  • Belts that match above shoes
  • 10+ Dress Shirts
  • 3+ Ties
  • 2 Pairs of well-fitting Jeans
  • 5 Pair Slacks, Dark & Light
  • 5+ Button-up collared sport shirts
  • 5 Solid Polo Shirts
  • 5 Sweaters
  • 10+ Undershirts V-neck
  • 2+ Sports Jackets
  • 1 Simple Dress Watch

Items that would be helpful to have:

  • 1 Navy Blazer
  • 5+ Pocket Squares
  • 1 Overcoat
  • 1 Pair Leather Gloves
  • 1 Trenchcoat
  • 1 Hat
  • Collar Stays, Cuff Links

The Uniform Man

You have a specific uniform you wear that is required by the nature of your work.  The only time you need personal clothing is when you have time off in the evenings and your weekends.  You wear a suit rarely, but when you do you like to look sharp as being a man of detail you pay attention to the small things.

Items that should be in the Uniform Man’s wardrobe:

  • 1 Suit
  • 1 Pair Dress Shoes
  • 1+ Pair Casual Leather Shoes
  • Belts that match above shoes
  • 4+ Dress Shirts
  • 3+ Ties
  • 2 Pairs of well-fitting Jeans
  • 2 Pair Slacks, Dark & Light
  • 2+ Button-up collared sport shirts
  • 3 Solid Polo Shirts
  • 3 Sweaters
  • 5+ Undershirts
  • 1 Sports Jacket
  • 1 Simple Dress Watch

Items that would be helpful to have

  • 1 Navy Blazer
  • 3+ pocket squares
  • 1 Overcoat
  • 1 Pair Leather Gloves
  • 1 Hat
  • Collar Stays, Cuff Links

The Casual Creative’s Wardrobe

You work in an environment in which creativity is valued and conformity is dreaded.  Although you have some colleagues that dress in the clothing they slept in, you realize that dressing up a notch does not mean you are losing yourself as an individual.  Rather it gives you a chance to better express it without compromising your chance for opportunity.

Items that should be in the Casual Creative’s Wardrobe:

  • 1 Suit & 2 Ties (Just in case!)
  • 1 Pair Dress Shoes
  • 2 Pair Casual Leather Shoes (Suede or Saddle Shoes)
  • Belts that match above shoes
  • 10+ Dress Shirts (tailored, contrast stitching, unique fabrics)
  • 4 Pairs of well-fitting Jeans
  • 2 Pair Slacks, Dark & Light
  • 6+ Button-up collared sport shirts
  • 2 Solid Polo Shirts
  • 6 Sweaters
  • 10+ Undershirts
  • 1+ Sports Jacket – unique style or fabric
  • 1 Simple Watch
  • 5+ Pocket Squares
  • 1 Overcoat (Aim for a Unique Fabric)

Items that would be helpful to have

  • 2 Vests – possibly wear in lieu of a jacket
  • 1 pair Leather Gloves
  • 1 Hat
  • Collar Stays, Cuff Links

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Book Nerd.

Books are my passion and my problem, as exhibited by the below picture of just my paperbacks/novels:


Now that we’ve established I’m a huge book dork, we can move along!

Books are great gifts to give and great gifts to receive, and artist Jane Mount has put a really cool spin on the receiving side. She can do custom versions of her “ideal bookshelf”, available online here.

books1 books2

She has limited edition pre-done prints, but can also do the custom ideal bookshelf. What would be on yours? It took me way longer than it should have to think of mine, but here’s what I’d have:


House of Mirth, Edith Wharton

The Romantics, Galt Niederhoffer

Cold Sassy Tree, Olive Ann Burns

A Separate Peace, John Knowles

The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger

Beach Music, Pat Conroy

The Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger

Norton Anthology of Poetry


I’ve linked to Amazon above, but have you heard of the new Bookswim website, the Netflix for books? I got a trial membership free for 3 months and I have to say I’m a little skeptical. I got three books at once and can send them back when I’m done or choose to keep. The books were in fine condition, much like the ones I buy second-hand at the Housing Works Bookshop. I realized the upside and the purpose for which I will probably use Bookswim – you can read hardcovers that are out on sale without having to pay the $29.99 – the cost of one month of membership at Bookswim. Otherwise, I’m keen to keep my books, dog-eared and crinkled, on their shelves forever.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 Shoes Every Guy Should Own

Glad to know I am getting lots of male readers – thanks guys for taking an interest in what I have to say! I’ve become addicted lately to blogs geared towards Southern Gentlemen (and those that are like them) and have lots and lots to share with you.

Prepidemic, an online magazine from three Princeton guys, rocks my world. It is helping me in my quest to make over the men of America one pair of skinny jeans at a time. (Although, in fairness, if you’re reading this, you’re probably not wearing skinny jeans. You’d know better.)

Onward to the five shoes every man should own per Prepidemic, with a little bit of alteration on my part when it comes to seasonal shoes.


Brown Wing Tip


Ferragamo, $950 available at Nordstrom


Cole Haan, $398 available at Zappos


Black Dress Shoe


Barney’s private label, $375 available at Barney’s


Allen Edmonds Park Avenue, $325 available at Zappos



Tod’s driving loafer, $395 available at Neiman Marcus


Gucci horsebit loafer, $495 available at Saks



Bass Weejuns, $129 available at Bass Shoes

Seasonal shoes: Rainbows and boat shoes/desert boots and cowboy boots


Ariat cowboy boots, $129 available at Shepler’s



The original Clarks desert boot, $90 available at Piperlime

sperry 70

Sperry Topsider boat shoes, $70 available at Sperry Topsider


Rainbow sandals, $46 available at Rainbow Sandals




New Balance M574’s, $65.99 available at Amazon

Any points of contention? Any categories you’d add? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Payton Turner Wallpaper – Not Scratch & Sniff.


Here’s something to file under “really cool” – Payton Turner’s wallpaper made completely of stickers.

payton payton1 payton2 

Sheesh, y’all, some people and their creativ-it-y.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ya-Ya for Yara!


WTSTA sat down with  Yara, the newest jewelry collection on the block generating tons of buzz. Designed by Paula Lapkin, these beautiful  baubles are making a fashion statement on the wrists of the in-the-knows.

When did you start designing?

I've always done some form of design going as far back as when I was 8 years old making friendship bracelets at camp. When I was 13, I had a barrette business and had more customers than I could handle. I started Yära in early 2009 when I just couldn't find jewelry that I really loved and wanted to wear everyday.  I started to create pieces using materials that weren't necessarily meant to be used for jewelry. People constantly approached me asking where I got my jewelry and would beg me to make them something. It really fell into place when I was in a Theory store and the manager commented on my necklace. Two weeks later, I met with the Theory buyers and they made their first order.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from a few things. I love the ocean and all things that are natural. I also love clean, modern lines.  Almost all of my materials are made in Europe and Greece, so they aren't materials that you see often.  Color also plays an important role in my jewelry.  What is so nice is that season to season and year to year I can change the colors and evolve my pieces to fit the times.   


What are your favorite materials to use?

I love using metals and leathers the most. The combination of these two materials just works great!

What's your design philosophy?

Simple, timeless but with a bit of edge. I don't like anything fussy or overdone. I prefer things to be sleek and modern.


Who is the Yara girl?

My ideal customer is someone who loves fashion but doesn't want to look like everyone else. My pieces add a little edge and a coolness factor to any outfit. Whether your style is sexy cool, trendy or preppy, if you layer a few Yara pieces, you add an instant hip quotient.  I have so many different styles and colors that customers can customize their own unique look and make it their own.

By the way, both men and women, of all ages wear my pieces. My kids (9 and 6), my husband and both my parents wear my jewelry and it works!


Where are your favorite places to travel?

I love Greece and anywhere in Europe, especially Italy.

What does Yära mean?

Yära means Queen of the Sea in Indian. 


Where can we purchase?

I'm in several high end stores and galleries but the biggest collection can be found at



WTSTA’s favorite piece from the collection (hard to choose!) is pictured above – the Blue Corfu Cuff can be purchased online at


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