Tuesday, June 21, 2011

High Times on the High Line

This should be called food coma on an old railroad, but I think the first title is catchier. In my infinite amounts of spare time I have this June (can’t wait to get back to work!) I have explored and re-explored much of Manhattan, including the High Line’s newest addition stretching to 30th st. Working backwards, here are the highlights.


Right out of the gate, of course, with the food! Coolhaus’ dirty mint chip ice cream with chocolate chip cookie. It would have been wonderful to have a chocolate cookie option and for the cookies not to be made right on site (they need time to set up), but all in all still tasty and I still ate it. This was parked in the delicious little new section called The Lot on 30th and 10th ave, where Colicchio & Sons have curiously set up a biergarten next to this:


Sponsored by AOL and called “Rainbow City,” the children out last Wednesday afternoon seemed to really be enjoying themselves. There’s even the ubiquitous stroller park near one of the moon walks! Wonder what happens on the weekends, though – do you have to be under 4’ to ride those rides?

Walking back up towards Gansevoort, here’s what the view looks like:


Paths are still very narrow but open onto these lovely green grass areas that feel wonderful beneath your feet. Two older gentlemen were also jammin’ out to some old blues songs on their guitars on one stretch – perfect!


I believe they call this “juxtaposition.”

Making my way back up the paths I was giddy with sugar excitement to find a La Newyorkina stand selling plateas. Cucumber lime. Do it.


Good thing I didn’t exit before Gansevoort like I’d planned because around 14th or 16th or so there was this great little wet pebble section where everyone was taking off their shoes and puddling their way through it. Even I, germaphobe, got in on it. Perfect day on the High Line!


I call this one “Rainbows in Pebbles.”







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