Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You Went Where? Highlights from Mexico City

No one could have been more suspicious than me when I was presented with the opportunity to go to Mexico City, but I went with it and surprise of all surprises, it was a blast!

Listen up, people – it’s not a dangerous city, any more dangerous than NY or LA. No drug wars. No. Drug. Wars.

It is full of lots and lots and lots of people.

It is polluted.

It’s like really, really, really high up above sea level.

It’s old.

Montezuma will get you.

It’s one hell of a time. They have a Four Seasons AND St. Regis AND a Cartier– not Third World.

Now a total convert, I want to share with you the amazing city of Mexico City – where nary an American tourist was, believe it or not. That was incredible, because it’s been a very long time since I’ve been somewhere where people didn’t speak English. Yes, very few spoke English. Thank goodness in our group of 6, 3 lovelies did – because otherwise, I can assure you, we would have been in quite a pickle! Highlights below.



The Beverly Hills of Mexico City – distinguishable by only the Spanish words on shops. Beautiful, unique architecture with French influences line the streets. This is where the best shops and hotels are, along with the embassies.




that’s for valet on the left.


B and I at the super fancy Le Mat for lunch in Polanco

We also ate at one of MC’s chicest restaurants, "Dulce Patria,” where we feasted like kings and queens for about $60 USD. Crazy!



The neighborhood we stayed in – more “trendy” and young. Tons of sidewalk cafes line the street.


just stay away from this dude on the left, I can tell he wants you.



We went to a mezcal bar called La Botica. If you’ve never had mezcal, you at least certainly recognize it’s infamous worm-in-the-bottle marketing fail. Mezcal is really a mix between tequila and scotch, derived from a type of agave plant. You’re meant to sip the smoky flavored shot, almost like a brandy or limoncello type of drink. La Botica kicked butt in the cool department with their drinks and atmosphere, and if you want to try mezcal in New York, give Casa Mezcal a try!

The night that was most fun for me was in Condesa – at a brand new restaurant that very well could have been Freeman’s Mexico City. There was also a club attached that was basically Southside Mexico City, where we helped ourselves to bottles and bottles of Grey Goose, Perrier Jouet, and Mezcal, like it was 2004, baby. I can’t tell you the last time I had bottle service, but at that price with those people, in that environment, it was great! We could have been in NY, but we weren’t – Mexico City was extra sexy that night.


muy sexy.

Our two big tourist trips were to the Centro Historico and Teotihuacan. My favorite parts were the Cathedral of Guadalupe in Centro Historico and when the Teotihuacan tour was over – no shade for my poor little body!



On the way to one of the many churches of Guadalupe – she is immensely popular in Mexico.


This beautiful hotel, Gran Hotel de lai Ciudad, in Centro Historico used to be the first shopping mall – beautiful French influences, singing birds in cages, lots of marble – heaven!


The main pyramid in the plaza where every 50 years they would give offerings in the main square.


No shade for the weary and pale.

If you are interested in further information about anywhere I’ve mentioned (or didn’t, including our driver) in Mexico City or are planning a trip there, please email me! I’d love to chat about it with you!

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