Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kale Chips


So I’ve seen the new “thing” in organic, healthy snacking – kale chips. And of course after checking the ingredients list (allergies!) and the price tag (4.99!) I decided to give it a go myself. I was super surprised at how good they were. Kale takes on a new flavor when it’s crisped up in the oven – just make sure that it’s super, super dry before you cook it.




olive oil spray {or coat the pan and kale in olive oil}

large bunch of organic kale, washed and dried

1. preheat oven to 250 degrees.

2. trim kale stems and cut or tear leaves into 2-3 inch pieces. arrange kale in a single layer on two baking sheets. coat with olive oil and sprinkle with salt

3. bake 20n minutes, or until crispy and slightly brown around the edges, flipping once.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Put down the blackberry – and pick up a calling card!

Sometimes, I do very frivolous things to feel in control of my life and to not be sucked up by technology and modern etiquette: a hand written thank you note (always) or letter, beautifully wrapped presents, monogrammed gifts that show you took time and effort to obtain them. One of my favorite pieces of etiquette is a calling card, or visiting card.

Once used for the upper class to “call” on their friends and neighbors socially, it began in France as early as the 1800’s and became most popular in the Victorian era, as did many proper things.  The cards were dropped in an urn, basket, or tray by the door so people would know who had called on them, whether they were home or not. A card was a reminder of correspondence, to say thank you for the social call or to set up one in return or for the future.

They were also used to announce births, engagements, marriages, deaths, notes of sympathy, and other social landmarks, just as (the most proper of us) do today, through an announcement, card, or gasp – an email.

Modern day calling cards usually have as little info as possible (ehem, Patrick Bateman) and have no sign of corporate conformity. It’s a representation of personality, style, sophistication (or lack there of). I’d use this as the place to show off your style, as opposed to a resume as so many of the ones I see these days do. It should be restrained and flirtatious, and fit with this neo-trad, heritage movement we’re so fond of. Show off how clever you are!

I am in the market for new calling cards and am having a tremendous time choosing new ones! Which do you like from the below? I’ve included more budget-friendly options as well as aspirational letterpressed sets for which I will probably have to wait a long time to get.

one-sided stripe calling cards set (50)

Pixelimpress @ Etsy

$25 for 50 custom cards


Pagoda Calling Cards

LetterLoveDesigns @ Etsy

$15 for 20 custom cards

calling cards -vintage telephone (50 cards)

Naomilynn @ Etsy

$14 for 50 custom cards (GREAT deal!)

Embossed Graphics

$44.95 for 100 custom cards


candiceenkatiesart @ Etsy

$26 for 48 custom cards

Mini Square Calling Cards - custom colors

Readygo @ Etsy

$20 for 48 mini custom cards

Iomoi (of course!)

$68 for 50 custom cards – loads of designs. It took me forever to even figure out which one I was going to use as an example.

Mr. Boddington

Call 212.686.5953 for pricing. Do you die for this card? I love it! So cheeky!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Have a wonderful mother’s day, mama!

I'll love you forever,


I'll like you for always,


As long as I'm living


my mama you'll be.

{images via we heart it}


Friday, May 6, 2011

A Little Fat Never Hurt Anyone: Two Best Uses of Rich Ingredients in Shrimp n’ Grits and Whisked Eggs


Two recipes for any palate – my favorite food, shrimp and grits, from my favorite author ever, and a lovely soon-to-be favorite in whisked eggs!

From The Trad: Pat Conroy’s Shrimp & Grits

Simmer grits 45 minutes.
Cook bacon.
Clean shrimp.
Douse tray with olive oil and add shrimp.
Season with sea salt and lots of pepper.
Bake for 10 minutes at 350. No need to flip shrimp over.
Plate bowl with grits and add a handful of shredded cheddar.
Add a tablespoon of bacon fat and stir until cheese melts. About 5 seconds.
Crumble bacon on top of grits.
Add shrimp.

And From Off Duty of The Wall Street Journal: Slow Cooked Eggs with Herbes and Creme Fraiche


Photographs by Tara Donne for The Wall Street Journal, Food Styling by Martha Bernabe

I love, love, love Northern Spy’s Whisked Eggs – I have been dreaming about them since I first had them and am just too impatient to wait on a weekend morning for them. Here, from WSJ, is Shinn Farmhouse’s (North Fork, LI) version. Will make these for boyfriend for birthday breakfast!

Serves 4

12 large fresh eggs, beaten
4 tablespoons crème fraîche
2 tablespoons softened sweet butter
3 tablespoons chopped herbs such as chives, tarragon, basil and parsley

What to do:

Crack eggs into a mixing bowl and season with salt and pepper.

Whisk eggs and add crème fraîche.

Place the eggs over a double boiler of simmering water.

Whisk eggs vigorously, keeping them creamy. When they begin to set, remove them from the heat and add the butter and herbs. They should have the texture of cottage cheese.

Serve with buttered toast or a biscuit.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What are your favorite search terms?


Not that I am in any market for furniture, but every now and then (ok, daily) I peruse furniture sites, forums, and blogs looking at all the pretty things I hope to have one day. Here’s an Etsy roundup of some things I’ve come across lately. Not into Etsy or exhausted the resources? Try Craiglook – which is Craigslist but with PICTURES on one feed so you don’t have to wearily click on each post. Happy hunting!



70’s mirrored nightstands,  $750 fabulousmess@ etsy

Vintage  Hollywood Regency 6 Sided Yellow Ginger Jar Lamp with Crackle Glaze

1950’s cracked ginger jar lamp (a mix of Hollywood Regency and Chinoiserie!), $50 trixztreasures @etsy



Chiang Mai Dragon / F. Schumacher / Pair of 18 inch Pillows / Aquamarine / Zipper Enclosure

F. Schumacher pair of pillows, $185 Willaskyehome@ Etsy

Orange chinoiserie  child's chair

Orange child’s chair, $145, meredithscott @etsy


Mid Century Blue and Gold High Ball Glass Set 6pc

Set of 6 highballs, $35 machucaplot @etsy

Classic Vintage Milk Glass Hobnail Pitcher

Milk glass pitcher, $18.50 mymilkglassshop@ etsy



lucky horse door knocker

Lucky horse door knocker, $30 monkeyandsquirrel @ etsy


Glass Horse Head Bookends

Glass horse head bookends, $25 tworingcircus @etsy

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wise Words

"We all get dressed for Bill" – Anna Wintour

Forget Prince Harry - Bill Cunningham is my new crush after seeing the adorable, inspiring, and feel-good fashion documentary “Bill Cunningham New York,” which is in limited run in select theaters. Fear not, those of you not in NY – Netflix.


from the personal files, fashion week 2009, child.

{Niche Media Fashion Editor Becky Malinsky and Bill “Get out of my way child” Cunningham at the Tuleh show, 2009}


Just in case you missed the trailer, here it is – and go see it! Now! I mean it. Limited Run.

Met Ball Magic and Misses


Judgment day is here! Who are you to have an opinion, you might say? Based on my years of luxury market and editorial (I’ve touched some of these dresses in the flesh), these are my winners and losers for the fashion Oscars. Long live McQueen. Comment away!


Brooklyn Decker in Calvin Klein

Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein

Doutzen Kroes in Giambattista Valli



Lily Aldridge in Ralph Lauren with Caleb Folowill

Going back to Ralph’s roots (look at what Dylan Lauren and Lauren Bush were wearing) has been a mixed bag in my book, but Lily + Caleb + the dress, hair, and earrings (plus that just engaged glow) = ah.

Jessica Alba in Ralph Lauren with Cash Warren.

Pregnant and elegant is hard to pull off (see Kate Hudson), but she does it.

Cara Delevigne in Burberry with Douglas Booth

Angela Lindvall and Karlie Kloss in Christian Dior

Yes, I know they’re not a couple, but don’t they look gorge together?



Christina Ricci in Zac Posen

This is the Met Ball. Glad someone showed up with a sense of humor and drama.

Daphne Guiness in Alexander McQueen

So incredibly appropriate for the occasion, for his memory, for her personality. To top it all off, getting dressed in the windows at Barney’s adds to the drama and effect.



Anna Wintour in Chanel Haute Couture

Don’t care what anyone says, Anna looks fierce. Wish she would have been in McQueen, but that’s really not her style. Chanel 4 Life.

Hailee Steinfeld in Stella McCartney

She has yet to make a mistake. She has invested in a very, very good stylist.



Over the top: Model Shalom Harlow in Marchesa, Mad Men's Chrstina Hendricks and actress Christina Ricci in Zac Posen

Christina Hendricks in Carolina Herrera

Leighton Meester in Vuitton

This causes me great pain since I love Leighton (ok, Blair) and Vuitton, but too severe.

Blake Lively in Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld

Finally, she looks really terrible. My disdain for Blake Lively is well known, but she still looks a mess, even in Chanel and even with the Kaiser as her date. Woof.

Jennifer Lopez in Gucci

Ok, again, not a J.Lo fan, nor was I sold on this Gucci collection. Would have loved to have seen one of the two-tone looks on her, instead of this cranberry cocktail of disaster. Marc looks like he’s having a good time, though.

Solange Knowles in Dries Van Noten

In theory, it should work – youthful prints and whimsy with a young girl. Um, no.



Gwenyth Paltrow in Stella McCartney

It’s not fair. It’s just really, really not fair.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Stella McCartney

It sparkles. It’s navy. I like.

Ginnifer Goodwin in custom Topshop.

LOVE the color and the accessories. Wish it was on someone with softer, more romantic hair, but girl still rocks it.

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

She’s got the face, the bod, a gorgeous dress, and Pacey. Best couple for sure, but she can stand out without her man. Well done, you.

Liv Tyler in Givenchy Couture

I wasn’t crazy about this collection, but it looks simply angelic on her. I wish someone got a back shot – these gowns deserve to be shot from the back!

Margherita Missoni and Joy Bryant in Missoni

Not only are these two age-appropriate, but they’re fun and fancy-free. Appropriate with whimsy, not drama. They both are lovely women with great personalities and it’s great to see it come through in their gowns.

Ashley Olsen in vintage

Love. Love. Love. Love.


The night was for McQueen, who was represented in all the good (Shalom Harlow, Sarah Jessica Parker) and bad (Naomi Campbell), but second place went to Stella McCartney who literally dressed half the attendees by my count. Tory Burch had quite a few lovely ladies in her gowns, and I’d say it was a successful public showing of her evening capabilities. Knowing people who have dressed these people and having dressed one myself, I know what time and effort goes into preparing  someone for this event, regardless of how famous or infamous you are. Kudos to all – can’t wait to see the McQueen Retrospective!

big McQueen butterfly kisses

























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