Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So...What Do You Want To See?

This summer freelance job has been eating up my time but I've been loving every minute of it! It's about to end, which is sad but good because I'll have more time to focus on you, my lovely readers. So tell me...what do you want to see here? More guys fashion? A newsletter? More of what I put on Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter or only full feature posts? I'm dying to hear, so tell me in the comments or feel free to email me! 

hugs and kisses, x's and o's....WTSTA

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Impossibly Cool.

I have a favorite website that I go to constantly for old, inspiring images of stars of yesterday, and I am so stoked that they are releasing limited edition prints in conjunction with Sonic Editions! The Impossible Cool is a great source. Guys, this is a great and easy no-brainer piece of artwork to replace that gross Goodwill picture above your couch. Very sleek, very stylish, and very limited - get one today as each are limited to only 50 prints! I personally have my eye on the Audrey (duh) and the Bardot. Tres chic. Also, Paul Newman, what a babe. Also, wish there was a Robert Redford!

Oh and boys? They come pre-framed, pre-matted. Hurry and get one now!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Get Your Sno-balls!

So my good friend Neesa Peterson did something fantastic this spring - she quit her job at a major modeling agency and decided to venture out on her own - into a very, very different business world filled with colorful syrups and lots and lots and lots of ice. She was kind enough to answer a few questions about her booming business and being ahead of the curve on the summer treats front.

How did you come up with the idea for Imperial Woodpecker Snoballs? How did you make the transition from the fashion/modeling world to snoballs?

I came up with the idea one day while standing in Hansen's Sno-Bliz in
New Orleans, LA, in April of 2010. I realized I could open a sno-ball stand in New York City and make a connection between all of the things I enjoy in life: food, good music, and a good, happy atmosphere, and New Orleans. The transition was easy because I had the support of all of my past colleagues which helped. Leaving people you are with everyday can be difficult. The fashion industry, however, made me very ready to do something like this, where people were always happy coming into my store.


{Mama WTSTA in the colorful and fun setting}
Has anything you learned in the fashion industry parlayed into your new business?

Working in fashion, especially as a model agent, I am used to balancing schedules, clients, and models and trying to make everyone happy. In the service industry, I feel it is the same, but I am more passionate about it since I want everyone that walks in to have a little piece of what I and other New Orleanian natives were lucky to experience growing up.  


{the crazy selection of syrups}

Ok, so what is a snoball for those not in the know?

A sno-ball is a term of endearment or regional term for a snowcone that has been made popular in New Orleans. It is a ball of shaved ice that is so fine, the syrups fall perfectly on the ice to make the perfect concoction!


{omgee so many choices!! try to pick just one.}

I'll say. The syrup variety is staggering - I have such an internal debate every time about what to order! What is an Imperial Woodpecker?

An Imperial Woodpecker is an extinct Mexican bird.

{the crazy line out the door}
What are your favorite flavors? What's the most popular? What's the weirdest combination someone has ever ordered?

My favorite flavors are Ice Cream Cream and my Sweet Lou's Nectar Cream Blend. The weirdest combo to me would be Nectar Cream and Cherry, which Tori Spelling did order and a few others, as well.

My favorites? I LOVE Tiger Blood (Coconut and Strawberry) mixed with Tangerine and The Sweet Nectar Cream and King Cake with condensed milk. It. Tastes. Like. King. Cake. Oh, and ooh, Tori Spelling!  I've seen a lot of cool, interesting, and some famous people in there. So fun!How do you find running a small business in New York? Are there any struggles/unexpected obstacles that you've come across?

Well, running a small business in New York is fun because there are always people around! It is a great place to people watch and actually be in the middle of the New York happenings. The unexpected obstacles have been good for me as it helps me learn and grow as an entrepreneur.

{my favorite combination!}
When are you open?

Daily 12pm-10pm!

Go visit Neesa at Imperial Woodpecker Snoballs on 7th Ave and Charles Street before the summer ends...trust me, you'll start craving that King Cake and condensed milk combo. Follow her @ImperialSno as well! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Why the delay in posts? First off, I am back at my old magazine filling in for the Senior Fashion Market Editor while she's on maternity leave, and that takes up a LOT of time! The other reason is that my new obsession, Pinterest, has been an even better way for me to catch all the beautiful imagery out there in l'interwebs. 

For those of you who don't know it, you just create an account and get to look at all the pretty pictures your friends and strangers post all day! Love it!

Add my boards to your homepage so I can share all the wonderful pictures with you this way. Also, they link back the pictures to the source that you found them through which is genius, and you can download a nifty little button for your toolbar to instantly "pin it" to one of your boards. 

Virtual bulletin boards - a WTSTA's dream.

 {images via this is glamorous via lonny mag}


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