Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's Talk About Food Poisoning.

Or, let's not. I won't be talking about food for a while, unfortunately, while this works its way out of me, but check out these really cool websites in the meantime!

All things style and taste, but beach-centric. Great ideas for honeymoon spots, fashion, and beach beauty. My favorite part? A "beach of the week" and "beach house of the week" features. I could look at these pictures all day, especially when it's snowing (finally!) outside. 

{I want to go to there}

It's like someone took my brain and put it into a website. This is all entertaining, all the time, broken down by gifts to give (and get), decor to shop, table to shop, and then great editorial content in the inspiration section. I could stare at this page for a long while for sure.  And of course they have your paper needs covered as well. 


{Social stationary needs, too, like the above - chic, darling, chic}

While most of the stuff on this site is for dudes, there are lots of fun things on there for the ladies, like great sunglasses cases and scarves. But if you need to get your guy a gift, peruse away. I especially am keen on the estate & office section.

Bartender's Manual by Harry Johnson
{A reproduction bartending guide for the turn of the 20th century}

Wandering through The Strand bookstore is one way I find new things to read and another is by Amazon's suggestions. However, when I've exhausted both of these ways - and believe me, this happens all the time - there is a great new place to mess around. What Should I Read Next  gives you a long list of alternative books based on one you input into its search field. While it doesn't tell you why it's chosen something that it has, there is an immediate link to Amazon so you can find out for yourself. I had over 50 new titles to look up by the time I was done with playing around. 

Enjoy! x

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