Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guest Post @ The Zhush!

Today I was featured in a guest post on The Zhush, one of my personal favorite sites by my blogworld friend, Sue! I did a little runway to realway and had such a blast doing it. Here's a tease - go to The Zhush to catch the rest of it AND shop her amazing online shop!

Today you are in for a "real" treat. I've asked Lauren from Where The Style Things Are, to give us all some insider dish.  Lauren is not only a fashion and style blogger, but she's also a New York City freelance fashion editor that has worked for some major mags. (The girl is bonafide.)  Here's her spin on the latest and greatest trends in fashion.

Hi there! I'm so thrilled to be on The Zhush, one of my personal favorites! As a freelance fashion editor and blogger I see all the shows and clothes and am excited to share the best of the runway to real way for Spring 2012.
PEPLUM: Everyone thinks peplum is such a hard look, but it's not. Keep the peplum in the top, not in a skirt, which could make you look heavier, and pair with a skinny bottom. Asos, $39.39


  1. Found your blog through Zhush! Have enjoyed reading your post for the last hour! Great blog....

  2. Thanks again for your fab post, loved having you over last week!



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