Monday, April 16, 2012

L!fe Happens But It's Better with Tarte

Last Monday I was invited by the Tarte team to see a screening of Krysten Ritter's new movie, "L!ife Happens." The premise is that three girls live together in LA and one gets pregnant unexpectedly. Krysten
Ritter plays Kim, the "fallen" one, Kate Bosworth plays Deena, the aggressive one, and Rachel Bilson plays Laura, the scantily-clad token virgin. Having a baby is "wrecking Kim's life" as she knows it, and the three girls try to work through their issues on the big screen. It's a super girly movie and in my opinion, a little wayward in some scenes, but overall it's a great best girlfriends kind of movie, especially since Krysten made it with her best friend and had all her friends act in it.  Check out the trailer:

Prior to the screening, Amy Nadine, Krysten's make-up artist and Head of Make-Up on the "L!fe Happens" set (and star in the Proactive commercials), sat down with Krysten to answer some beauty questions and talk about the Tarte products used in the movie. Amy exclusively used Tarte on the girls' lips - the Tarte high-performance naturals LipSurgence Lip Tints which come in three styles - lip tint, matte lip tint, and lip luster. I have six sticks - my favorite is "pouty," a hot pink with a hint of shine.

Now I'm not normally a lip girl at all but these go on so smoothly and I don't need to moisturize my lips separately. After Amy pointed out that they had used Tarte in all the scenes, I couldn't help but begin to notice just how great the girls' pouts really did look! So I totally recommend getting these puppies to primp up your lips.

In the same boat, I am addicted to Tarte's high performance naturals SmolderEyes eyeliner as well. This all-natural thing is great for a gal like me
"L!ife Happens" is in theaters May 3.

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