Monday, April 16, 2012

Get Real (Good Stuff) with The Real Real's Consignment

I couldn't keep this secret for long (although I wanted to - more product for me!). I want to share with you an amazing new source for consignment - The Real Real. Consignment generally is usually a pain on both ends - selling, you aren't sure you're getting the best cut of the deal, payment isn't always immediate, they don't take certain things. And on the buying side, if it's online you can't try it on and while you hope the item is authentic, you can't always be sure.

Now you can go to The Real Real, where the prices are insane (in a good way!) and the product well-edited.  Flip through my book to see their current contemporary offerings.

And, a sample of their luxury sales, set up in a flash-sale type structure:

Alessandro Dell'Acqua, $125

Alex Wang, $225

Chanel, $325

I'm going to do a part II to this - how to consign, and how to consign with The Real Real - which seems fairly simple and might be my new personal method of consigning!

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