Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Kind of Shopper Are You?

Quick - look at the below and think about which you'd rather have for $1000 -

A flight to Paris

Or This:
A Reed Krakoff Boxer Bag

According to this NYT article, if you picked the flight to Paris, chances are that you are:

a) more sociable and charismatic 
b) a risk taker (because you can't return it)
c) happier

If you picked the Reed Krakoff bag, you might be materialistic and shallow.

A recent study claimed that shoppers making experiential purchases are basically, better people. This brings up an interesting internal question - I do love something that will last "forever," but every time you put an experience in front of me (barring skydiving and other extreme sports) I'll pick it. 

 Brandon Holley, editor in chief of Lucky, feels the same way. She says, "“There’s an $1,800 Prada dress I want right now,” she said. “Do I spend it or take three weekends in Montauk? When I think back on my life of things that stand out, I think of my trip to Alaska with my parents, or to Costa Rica with a boyfriend.” She later added, “But the immediate rush of getting that YSL bootie is also pretty great.”

Me too, Brandon! 

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