Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Southern Food Primer: The Southern Foodways Alliance

A Southern Food Primer

So while I was in Billy Reid the other day I picked up a little book that said "Gravy" on the cover. I immediately assumed it was a menu for the restaurant Gravy (been wanting to try), but I was completely wrong. In fact, it was a little booklet from the Southern Food Alliance, which has great resources that they use to share and document the changing foodways in the South. Fascinating, right?  Below, a few of their maxims from their website. They have events, recipes, and more listed.
 Enjoy, and support Southern food!

Hospitality is a cornerstone of Southern foodways.

Southerners are particularly generous with their cooking in times of sorrow.

Cast iron is the crux of much Southern cooking..

Southern food is largely seasonal and composed primarily of vegetables.

Perhaps no two foodstuffs have played a more important role in Southern foodways than hot meat and corn.

Barbeque is one of the quintessential Southern foods.

Drinks are also an important aspect of Southern foodways.

Cookbooks are significant, even sacred, tomes of Southern foodways.

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