Monday, September 24, 2012

Spotlight On: Winks by Georgie Beauty + Giveaway!!!

Hey gang - I am SO excited to present to you a fantastic product made by a friend of mine! Megan Allen, one half of the duo behind the faux eyelash company Winks by Georgie Beauty,  and I went to Georgia together where my friends and I secretly worshiped her style from afar. (Seriously. If Megan Allen had cowboy boots, we had to have cowboy boots.) I sat down with her when she was most recently in New York to talk about her fantastic product and my newest beauty obsession! Scroll down through our chat to also get the details on a generous giveaway from Winks!

Megan! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about having you on WTSTA! How did your idea for a false eyelash company come about?

My sister and I love to wear false lashes but we couldn’t find classic styles and a safe, gentle adhesive on the market, so we decided to create our own lash line.  At the time, we lived together in a miniature NYC apartment, and we got hooked on false lashes when we couldn’t afford (or didn’t have room in our teeny closets) for new clothes and shoes. You know that feeling you get when you’re wearing an amazing new outfit? Well, we discovered that you can get that same feeling with an amazing pair of false lashes! (Editor's note: Brilliant!)

{the chic packaging}

$28 each for reusable lashes, compact, and glue 

You told me you spent a year of your life on glue alone - that's extreme devotion!
 How is Winks different from other eyelash companies?

Yes, Abbey and I are adhesive experts… We even attended NY Society of Cosmetic Chemists meetings in our spare time (where nice old men talked about molecules and compounds!) 

Winks by Georgie is different because our lash styles are classic and naturalistic and our adhesive is free of harsh chemical ingredients such as formaldehyde, parabens, and synthetic fragrance.  It’s also the only adhesive infused with organic blue chamomile to soothe delicate skin while maximizing adhesion.  And it’s dermatologist-tested, PETA-certified, and made in the U.S.!  Phew -  that’s why it took us so long to develop :)  Winks is also the only lash line packaged in eco-chic, refillable compacts since a great pair of lashes is re-wearable!  Our line is all about the classic glamour of the 60s.  We’re inspired by Bardot, Monroe, and Hepburn, and we wanted to create the perfect lash for our generation.  


You went to business school. How did this help you with your own company? What advice would you give to someone who is considering going to business school? (For example, moi?)

Our first retailer was Neiman Marcus, and I remember thinking uh oh… balance sheets, inventory management, and supply chain… What?!  My background is in public relations and political science, and Abbey has a Masters degree in liberal arts with a focus in eco-criticism.  Neither exactly prepared us to grow a business.  That’s why I decided business school would be a great step.  It was intimidating because I had never taken finance or accounting courses, but it’s crucial to put yourself out there and feel uncomfortable at times!  Business school taught me to see my company and other start-ups from a different perspective, and I highly recommend b-school if you’re lacking that fundamental business background. 

{no.7}, $18

{no.8} - my personal favorite!, $18

Any tips for women running their own business?

Yes!  Go after it.  I was pitching false lashes to potential investors, and the other start-up companies I was competing against were focused in healthcare and micro-finance, and they were all men.  (In case you’re wondering, Georgie Beauty won!)  A lot of it has to do with you, so be confident in yourself and your business.

Also, there are a ton of groups geared towards women that you should look explore.  For example, we joined Cosmetic Executive Women and Step Up.  A supportive network and mentors are super-important when you’re running your own business. 

{no.10}, $18

You've sold on HSN which is a huge deal. How did you get the opportunity?

It’s all about thinking outside the box.  After not getting a response from the buyer, I went to an event where the CEO of HSN was speaking. I gave her a flash drive with our story on it.  I knew she was be swamped, so I thought maybe she’d watch the video later when she had a few minutes.  And she did!  Starting a company is all about thinking of creative ways to get things done. 

Any celebrities, well-known women, etc that love winks?

American Idol and Dancing With the Stars contestants, Tori Spelling, and I recently met Lauren Conrad and gave her Winks… Let’s hope she loves them!  She talked a lot about environmentally-conscious fashion and beauty, so I think she appreciates that our adhesive is free of harmful chemicals and our packaging is reusable.

 Just a few of the people who love Winks - they also won a best in beauty in the Neiman Marcus Beauty Awards!

Which style is your favorite to wear?

It really depends on my mood.  Style No. 2 is my go-to style.  It’s natural and creates a beautiful shape.  We recently launched several new styles with Nordstrom.  Now I’m into Style No. 5 for a dramatic look and  Style No. 8  half lashes for a more subtle look.  

What are your favorite beauty trends for Fall 2012?

Statement-making eyes!  Loving the geometric liner and bold lashes.  I also like the bordeaux lips.  Think I’ll pair with half lashes and clean skin.

{Kate needs some Winks!}

Best beauty advice ever?

Beauty is also about what you don’t put on your skin (and in your body!)  When I’m using natural products and eating clean, it’s amazing how different my skin looks and how much better I feel.  Beautiful diet = beautiful skin!  Now, if I could just put down this second coffee… 

Thanks so much, Megan!


Megan and Winks have been generous enough to give away a compact, a refill style, and a Stephanie Johnson cosmetics bag to hold it all! To enter, click below. You can earn multiple entries by joining us on social media and posting a comment about your favorite lash style below. Entries will be received until midnight, October 1st, 2012. The winner will be announced October 3rd, 2012. Good luck!

Enter our giveaway!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birchbox Sample Stop @ NYFW: Tips & Tricks

This past fashion week (also known as a blur) I had such a great time at the Birchbox Sample Stop and backstage at shows where I picked up a ton of tips and tricks for myself (also known as Ms. Beauty Challenged). I wanted to make sure I passed along the goodness from all of wonderful people and artists I met! A huge thank you to Alison Brod PR!

Ojon Rare Blend Oil

The stylist for Ojon, Cynthia Alvarez, was awesome. She styles people like Shakira, Alicia Keys, and now moi. She told me the Ojon Rare Blend Oil is one of her favorite products and her secret tip is to use it right out of the shower on the ends for extra soft hair. It repairs, creates shine, and protects hair. Bring it to your stylist to use on damp hair to extend the life of your blow out! She also suggested using dry shampoo before going to bed to soak up the oil as opposed to when you wake up.  The same principle applies when you have styling mistakes (and lawdy, we know I do) - just spray some dry shampoo on and start over!

The manicurist who put a rad shade of exclusive Spring/Summer 2013 bright blue (ok...GATOR blue, but we'll let it slide) on my nails was full of product suggestions. She likes Tammy Taylor nail polish remover to take off strongly pigmented colors and also recommended using a lint free pad to avoid those weird cotton strands. And for the love of all things nail-related, put on a base coat so you protect your nails!

This might be the coolest tool I've ever seen. Sarah was responsible for the 60's beach waves at Erickson Beamon, and her Beach Waver makes wavy hair literally Lauren-proof. I took a video that really just explains it all. 

I usually have Rachel Gangemi at Valery Joseph do my brows twice a year (it's expensive at $100 a pop!) for upkeep and to help them grow out correctly as a result of my insane plucking habits in high school. But I made a new friend in Merci Migliore who worked for Benefit! She had really great suggestions for eyebrow care. My favorite is to use a little Latisse or Rogaine (yes, Rogaine!) on your brows to get them to grow back if you are sparse like me. "Eyebrows are sisters, not twins," she said smartly as I furiously wrote down what might be the best beauty quote ever. She said major mistakes include over plucking, misshaping,  and relying on someone who is not a brow specialist to wax, tweeze, or thread.  (Guilty on all three!) But that you can learn to make them stand out after visiting a Benefit Brow Bar where they'll teach you to frame the brow with concealer and then filling them in. 

Here's the during:

Here's the after:

What do you think? A little tranny? Or just something I need to get used to? 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hungry Girl : Tips and Tricks

We all have that dilemma - I really, really, really want pizza. I really, really, REALLY, do not want the calories or the moral hangover. What to do? is a terrific website that you should sign up for immediately if you're into things like  My Fitness Pal, et al. I get their daily emails and must say that I learn something nearly every single email, whether that be a swap (she's money at these), a new product, or a weekend survival tip.

Check out some of the best of Hungry Girl below and be sure to bookmark, pin, and the like! You can catch some of these tips and tricks over at my very own "yummy" pinterest board.


A simple lunch: Chinese chicken salad

Everyone loves spicy cornbread muffins (swap)

You know I can't resist shrimp tacos 

Crave carbs? Click here

Hell, she even does faux-fried pickles

There are such things as 100 calorie and yummy

She even makes pasta out of slaw mix - and it's good 

Say what? Smoked salmon and bacon sandwich for breakfast? Yum.

Oh, and she LOVES laughing cow, string cheese, muffin tops, and egg substitute. But hey, the recipes are good, the names are bad, and you'll probably lose a little!
Click and link away, my friends...there is a substitute for literally everything here. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

5 jewelry items to crave right now.

Five jewelry items I'm currently crushing on:

Summer may be over but this bracelet (along with their west coast and east end collections) will keep you in a sunny spirit all through fall.

Jook and Nona "Mermaid" bracelet, $48

How pretty will these poppers be dangling from your ears?

Ok, so heavy on the J.Crew here, but this is also too gorgeous to not feature. 

A new category of jewelry! These collar toppers will turn any blah blouse into something spectacular. Must get. 

Asos, $17.25

And a chic, statement making piece (I've been looking for a good cross for ages) to round out this round up. 

Asos, $10.35

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IIIbeca: Gryson Helps You Look Good, Feel Good

These bags from IIIBeca are insanely gorgeous, insanely priced, and so crazy cool I want them all! 

I've been looking for very clean, un-logo-ed, void of hardware, colorful, clean bags and these from Joy Gryson fit the bill.

The bonus? The bags are vegetable tanned leather AND 3% (Get it? Tri-Beca) of each bag sale goes to 3 of Gryson's favorite charities: 
*Joy's mother is one of the founders of the Queens-based agency!

Reade Street Tote
Reade Street Tote, $198

Duane Street Messenger

Duane Street Messenger, $158

Chambers Crossbody

Chambers Crossbody, $98

North Moore Satchel

North Moore Satchel, $188

We love you Joy!

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Recent Discoveries #3: Shop Ruche

Loving this new Anthropolgie-like site, Check out their gorgeous summer look book - I can't wait to see what the fall/winter one brings! Prices are totally reasonable, items are quirky. 

And, if you're interested, they're doing a totally fun giveaway where you can win free dresses for a year! 

BONUS: They have a wedding and a baby section. Enjoy persuing the site!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

WTSTA Fall Preview: There's A Map Involved!

View WTSTA Fall Preview in a larger map

OH HAY! Look who figured out how to make a custom map! Cool, right?
The gist is this: I sorted through all the mags, blogs, newspapers, slideshows, reco's, etc to bring you a super-edited version of what I think is going to be hot for fall. Who's ready to go with me and hit them all? 

Restaurant: The Library at The Public Theater
Andrew Carmellini on Lafayette St. I'm there. 425 Lafayette St (@ Astor Place) 212.539.8777 October
Restaurant: L'Apicio
Too bad Joe Campanale's not single. He and Gabe Thompson are doing Italian cooking on a giant terrace. 13 E 1st St (@2nd ave) 212.533.7400
Restaurant: Fair Folks
A membership only cafe opening in September. 96 West Houston St (@ LaGuardia) no phone
Restaurant: Jeepney
All I needed to know was that it was from Filipino masters behind Maharlika. Please, please, please have more lumpia and adobo. 201 First Ave (@12th St) 212.318.0152 September
Restaurant: The Lobster Club
I. Love. Parm. I want to try Torrisi. SO it's only natural I'm on board with a sandwich joint from these dudes with the hotly anticipated Carbone opening up down the street. 169 Thompson St (@Houston...
Shop: Lauduree
My FAVORITE Macarons, 70 blocks south of where you have to get them now. 398 Broadway (Spring/Broome) mid-december
Shop: Piperlime
The first stand alone store from the online giant. 121 Wooster St September 6th
Placemark 8
Shop: Pop Up Meatpacking Market
Seventy five booths including a lot of hippie/indie stuff sounds like an awesome break to take after walking the highline. Washington St @ W13th st Sept 1- Oct 28
Drink: Cocktail Bodega
Despite a less-than original name, this sounds like an awesome collab from Sons of Essex. Vodka spiked smoothies, anyone? 205 Chrystie St @Stanton St) 212.673.2400 late august http://newyork.grubstre...
Drink: Pouring Ribbons
I'm pretty sure we came here when it was some weird second story date rape drug den, but unclear. Mr something?? Anyone? Can't remember. Anyway, it's now going to be a straightforward "not a speakeasy...
Drink: Subject
Soda is having its moment. Mix it with Bourbon (with maple syrup?) and you've got a customer in me for life. 188 Suffolk St (@ Houston) 646.476.7760
Drink: Attaboy
From Milk & Honey guys, all you need to know. No reservations. 134 Eldridge St (@Broome) late Nov
Ivy Style: MFIT
Beginning September 14th, the Ivy Style exhibit at the FIT Museum will showcase menswear from 1920 to present.
Shop: Bonobos Guide Shop
Shop the brand's amazing pants and try out their new shoes from $45.If you're a boy and you need pants, go here. 45 W 25th St (@6th Ave) 877-294-7737
Shop: Alton Lane
Men's bespoke clothing, by appointment. 11 West 25th St (@ 5th Ave) (646) 896-1212
Drink/Dance/ Get 'Faced:200 Orchard
"The New New Nolita House" - I'm not sure how, when, why, and who, but I'm going with it. Large and in charge with plenty of room to dance to mid-nineties tunes with kids who were born in the 90's. ga...
Drink: Kingston Hall
Restaurant: Manzanilla
Spanish bi-level brasserie from a real Spanish dude and the guy from Boqueria. Yum. 345 Park Ave South (25/26th) no phone mid-november
Restaurant: Beurre et Sel
Sold me on the name alone! A sister bakery to the Beurre et Sel on Park and 112th, this will have delicious cookies made from what else, butter and sugar and everything good in the world. 120 Essex...
Restaurant: Pig & Khao
Southeast Asian, including Flip and Thai. Yum. 68 Clinton St (Rivington/Stanton) no phone Mid Sept
Drink: The New Old Chumley's
Place collasped in 2007. Opened in 1920's. Has hosted a list of literary giants. Must go. 86 Bedford St (Barrow/Grove) 212.675.4449 late october
Restaurant: Canvas
From the NYT: Masaharu Morimoto’s long-delayed bistro will finally reveal his quirky, perhaps daring take on comfort food, Asian-style. Japanese ingredients will inform creations like mac and cheese;...
Restaurant: Mighty Quinn
From the NYT: Hugh Mangum will not abandon the fans of his barbecue stand of the same name in Smorgasburg, even as he opens this restaurant in the East Village, in the space that was Vandaag. Here he ...
Restaurant: Maison du Croque Monsieur
From the NYT: The French answer to grilled ham and cheese, often served slathered with a b├ęchamel sauce, will get a home of its own, run by the partners Alberto Benenati and Yves Jadot. Other variati...
Restaurant: The Fourth
From the NYT: Jo-Ann Makovitzky and Marco Moreira of Tocqueville and 15 East will open an American brasserie on the new Hyatt Union Square hotel’s ground floor and, on the lower level, a private dinin...
Restaurant: El Toro Blanco
John McDonald and Josh Capon, with input from Scott Linquist of California, channel Mexico via Baja, with guacamole, 100 tequilas, the requisite fish tacos and more. (Late September): 257 Avenue of th...
Restaurant: The Butterfly
From the NYT: Retro supper-club fare will be reimagined by Michael White (chicken liver rumaki, aged chopped steak with bone marrow sauce), with drinks by Eben Freeman. (December): 225 West Broadway (...
Restaurant: The Brewster
From The NYT: Craig Hopson’s project, with Ross Morgan and Frank Roberts, in a building that once housed a fine carriage maker, will include a ground-floor market and cafe, and a restaurant below, whe...
Restaurant: ABC Cocina
Pipa is getting a makeover from the ABC team! The switch will take one month. (February): ABC Carpet and Home, 38 East 19th Street, (212) 677-2233.
Restaurant: Koi At The Trump Tower
Yum. Koi, now downtown. Crunchy rice tuna things, anyone? 246 Spring Street (between Varick street and 6th avenue); 212-842-4550.
Restaurant: Exchange Alley
NOLA flair, Jambalaya balls. All you need to know. 424 East 9th Street (between 1st avenue and avenue A); 212-228-8525.
Restaurant: Extra Place/ Heidi
Extra, extra, love this little half block. Extra Place and Heidi will be mediterranean and swiss. hooray, just what I wanted. 8 Extra Place (between 1st and 2nd streets); 212-777-4252.

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