Friday, January 25, 2013

Spotlight On: Tuleste

I had such a great day playing with the girls at Tuleste that I had to put them in a Spotlight On. I've always loved their playful yet classic aesthetic and got a sneak peek of what they're up to these days including their first styling credit for a movie! Ass Backwards, staring Casey Wilson (Ah-MAZing) of Happy Endings, Alicia Silverstone, and June Diane Raphael, will debut at Sundance this upcoming week. I am a huge Casey Wilson fan so I can't wait to see what this movie is all about - as well as how the Tuleste girls styled out the main characters with their quirky, classic, California style. Check out my day with them and Diego the fish below!

These North Cal girls have a huge vintage archive and are really into natural elements but get their inspirations from everywhere.

Flower Earrings

Conch Chokers

Ladder Bracelets

Their amazing spring enamels came from an idea based on puff paint of all things! 

Tuleste is for everyone from 15-70, and a huge bonus and draw (for me, at least) is that they make 99% of what is in their collection here in the US.  A small, family-owned factory in Providence, Rhode Island is responsible for making these gorgeous, timeless pieces. Did you know that Providence used to be a huge costume jewelry manufacturing site? The Tuleste girls love that they can hop in the car and drive to the factory as opposed to flying half way around the world to China, where factories and manufacturing has changed a lot in recent years. 

Tulip Earrings

The sisters, who have an unspoken, almost twin-like connection, are proud to have their first joint styling credit in Ass Backwards. I can't wait to see how their eclectic mix of inspirations comes together  in the movie! Look for more of their projects and their spring enamels on their website, 

{shots from the studio}

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