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Spotlight On: Keaton Row! The Future of Personal Styling

Keeping with the #mysmartercommerce theme, I wanted to introduce you to a great new venture (disclosure - I'm part of it and you can be, too!). Presenting the Future of Personal Styling - Keaton Row. You may have noticed the Keaton Row button on my sidebar as well as a Keaton Row link in all my social media tags - I'm officially unveiling Keaton Row and how you can get involved! I had Katie, their Style Editor, sit down with me to give an in-depth access to what Keaton Row is all about. 

How was KR started? 
Founded in 2011, Keaton Row is the first online person-to-person sales channel pairing the time-starved woman with a personal Stylist she knows and trusts. Keaton Row Stylists represent a new generation of the Avon lady utilizing social media to sell within their networks and conducting 100% of their business online. With a name referencing London’s Savile Row, known for its tradition of exquisite tailoring, Keaton Row offers curated styles from hundreds of brands to match the individual tastes of our diverse clientele.

FOUNDERS CHERYL HAN & ELENOR MAK- As already good friends and then students at Harvard Business School, Cheryl and Elenor shared a love of fashion and style. They enjoyed assembling unique outfits for themselves and their friends, and quickly realized the market for smart, successful women in dire need of help with piecing together clothes for both their professional and personal lives. Later on, after Cheryl had put in her time launching and managing e-commerce sites at big-time beauty companies like L’Oreal and Clarins USA, and Elenor had logged four years as a National Sales Director at Avon, the two came together to combine their business brains with their personal passion for styling. To keep with the times, the pair wanted to build a company that leveraged technology to democratize fashion, making the convenience and attention of the Personal Stylist a luxury afforded to every woman—and out of this venture, Keaton Row was born.

How did you get involved?
I like to think it was fate :) I was unhappy with my current job and introduced to Keaton Row by a Stylist/Colleague that I worked with at J.Crew. The second I met Cheryl and Elenor and learned more about their vision, I was instantly inspired, hooked and excited. I started freelancing with them as a Stylist and was doing everything I could to help! After months of working with clients, other stylists and getting KR up and running, I left J.Crew and became the Keaton Row Style Editor! I am mainly working on Merchandising, Stylist recruiting and being the overall fashion voice for the company. In only a year, KR has already changed my life!

What are your day to day duties as it pertains to merchandising, etc?
Keaton Row has built an exclusive online catalog for our Stylists to shop and create looks from. I am responsible for selecting the merchandise that goes into the catalog as well as the future brands and retailers that we will decide to partner with. The beauty of Keaton Row is that every Stylist has their own merchandising voice. They are the force that drive our sales, so I am always taking product recommendations and requests!

{a snapshot of what a shoppable look looks like on the site done by my friend and fellow stylist Tracy!}

Where do you get ideas for blog posts?
When I was in charge of our blog, we had just started from scratch and were mainly focusing around our stylists, clients, people who inspire us and fashion trends. So my inspiration came from a variety of places, a mix of real women, aspirational figures in the industry, fasion bloggers and the latest fashion trends! However, currently Allison Daniels (follow her @KRstylist!) is in charge of our blog and social media. She is an extremely talented writer and her creativity and keen fashion sense has taken our blog in a new direction! 

Any favorite blog posts you've done we could link to? 
Here are two recent posts that we love!

Favorite spring trends you're excited about?
I am loving the explosion of everything Black and White! It is so chic and modern and is the most accesible trend to real women everywhere! 

{image via}

What's your favorite part about working for KR?
Aside from our amazing team, I love how everyday is different and creatively challenging. These past few months have been crazy, exciting and extremely rewarding. Now that we are in our soft launch, it is incredible to see our Stylists working with clients and bringing this vision to life! 

Thanks Katie! From now on around here, you'll be seeing a lot of my looks that will be totally shoppable if you sign up with me at Keaton Row! Happy shopping and way to make #mysmartercommerce to the Keaton Row team!

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