Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I've Been Up To Lately

Been writing my little butt off for a variety of publications, including Modern Man, Nomad-Chic, Shumacher, and more! As always, you can check out what I've been up to lately at, but here are a few things orbiting in my universe right now:

Friday Night Lights:

O.M.G. Coach Eric Taylor! I am into Season 4 - I'm waaaay in deep to the point where I am having cameos in dreams featuring Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen. #lookingformyowncoachtaylor #helpfmlfnl

Fun fact: Coach Taylor, Kyle Chandler, went to UGA!

Apps to Download:

Vine is a really cool video app that I didn't really see much use for about three weeks ago but after NYFW, I've basically seen every look from every show from every vantage point there is through fashion people's Vine accounts. You can follow me @wtstaishere - will begin posting videos soon once I find some really interesting things to video!

Over is another awesome photography app that I'm currently loving - you can place text over any picture and move it around easily, change fonts, change size, etc. Check out my first #madewithover photo from a trip to Whole Foods last week and download the app so you can make beautiful instagram photos even better!

Book to Read:

Tigers in Red Weather seems like a regular old retro beach read, but the ending is subtly twisted in the best possible way that even I, an avid, voracious reader who has read it all, wasn't expecting. You can follow me on Good Reads, too, to get more book recommendations and ratings from me.

Boots to Wear:

Dav boots, you saved my life this weekend during the blizzard that was/wasn't. Even if there wasn't too much snow on the ground, going through the sidewalks at crosswalks was a pain. For less than $100, you really can't beat better boots!

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