Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Nice Little Getaway in Alphabet City

Just when I thought there were no more surprise spaces left in New York, this adorable little place called Elsa was sprung on me. Deep down in Alphabet City is a tiny little bar room with enough charm to fill the entire place, with an unpretentious hipster crowd, if such a thing exists- yummy drinks, and lots and lots of candles.
It fronts as a tailoring shop by day (yeah, yeah, we’ve seen this before) and a bar by night, but it was nice to be in a Milk & Honey type place without being at, well, Milk & Honey. Think of it as the East Village version of Little Branch – just you, him, and the cocktails, at half the price, half the hassle, and twice the loveliness.
elsaroom elsaroom1 elsaroom2
Elsa is located at 217 E Third St in the East Village.

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