Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Preppiest Colleges in America

This is not a strictly preppy blog, but  it’s no secret we love our monograms and ginger jars over here (and the Preppy Handbook, both old and new). However, this poll from Social Primer was just too much to pass up. In no particular order (because I happen to disagree with the crowning of St. Lawrence University as #1), here are the finalists.


Just. Saying. Your thoughts?

Top 10 Favorites of Summer

Whether or not I get to do all each summer is a different story!


What are your favorite things to do this summer?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Treat Smackdown

I love, love, love anything frozen and am a connoisseur of tasty summer treats. I present for you today three match-ups, with a big feature to come later next week on the newest, best, most ultimate summer snack.



melt bakery v. coolhaus

winner: melt bakery

Sorry to Coolhaus, the LA import, but these LES ice cream men know what they’re doing. Their flavor combinations are rockin’, their sandwiches are rock solid frozen but still easy to eat, and they’re entirely satisfying. My favorite combinations:

The Belle: Peach Ice Cream + Brown Butter Bourbon Shortbread

The Minimalist: Vanilla Ice Cream + Chocolate Chip

The Cinnamax: Cinnamon Ice Cream + Snickerdoodle

Ones I can’t wait to try:

The Marcel: Earl Grey Ice Cream + Lemon Madelines

The Mr. Tea: Ginger Ice Cream + Lemon Sable

The Rico: Dulce de Leche Ice Cream + Coconut

Follow @meltbakery on Twitter to find out where they are each day – weekend hotspots are the entrance to the High Line (Coolhaus holds down fort at the other end) and the Hester Market.


perfect ice cream to cookie ratio right there.



people’s pops v.  la newyorkina

winner: whomever has watermelon mint (and after that, La Newyorkina)

This was a hard, hard battle fought for me considering I lived off of People’s Pops for all of last summer and the summer before. Every time I approach the counter I cross my fingers for Watermelon Mint, but I guess there’s been a shortage in ripe melons lately or something because it’s never there. Not to say I leave dissatisfied, of course, but Newyorkina’s paletas are just outrageously good. Simple combinations like the cucumber+lime one I devoured the other day on my High Line walk  are the best. The mango+chilie one is popular, as is coconut. Avocado has gotten rave reviews from my other testers, and of course when they have watermelon mint I’m all over it.

Visit Newyorkina on the Highline (about halfway from Gansevoort to 30th) or at the Hester Market.


delicious on a stick: winning.


amorino v. il laboratorio di gelato

winner: amorino

Let’s be clear here, if Green Apple was still around, they’d be king. But alas, our little friends have flocked to Miami or something equally as fabulous, we hope. Amorino is a  new contender in the ultra-competitive gelato market in New York, and they came in with their cornettes blazing. Not only is the gelato creamy and addictive, they will make your limitless flavors into a flower. A flower, people!

Some of my favorite combinations (I’ve found that it’s easy to overdo the flavors):

Caramello al burro salato (salted caramel) + L’inimitabile (Nutella)

Coconut puro sri lanka+ Ananas (fancy french for pineapple, not bananas)

image via ohjoy

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Couch Blues

I think our apartment needs a new couch desperately. Here is the rug we have down now, with a white table loaded with Assouline books on top of it:


Williams Sonoma Home Coral Print Jute Rug, $58

I won’t even show you the couch we have now, but the three of us could use more space, and more style. So far I’ve found two options below:


Z Gallerie, $999


Macy’s, – on sale for $699!

Dilemma, n’est-ce pas? What to do? I really can’t wait to move into a grown up apartment with grown up furniture!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You Went Where? Highlights from Mexico City

No one could have been more suspicious than me when I was presented with the opportunity to go to Mexico City, but I went with it and surprise of all surprises, it was a blast!

Listen up, people – it’s not a dangerous city, any more dangerous than NY or LA. No drug wars. No. Drug. Wars.

It is full of lots and lots and lots of people.

It is polluted.

It’s like really, really, really high up above sea level.

It’s old.

Montezuma will get you.

It’s one hell of a time. They have a Four Seasons AND St. Regis AND a Cartier– not Third World.

Now a total convert, I want to share with you the amazing city of Mexico City – where nary an American tourist was, believe it or not. That was incredible, because it’s been a very long time since I’ve been somewhere where people didn’t speak English. Yes, very few spoke English. Thank goodness in our group of 6, 3 lovelies did – because otherwise, I can assure you, we would have been in quite a pickle! Highlights below.



The Beverly Hills of Mexico City – distinguishable by only the Spanish words on shops. Beautiful, unique architecture with French influences line the streets. This is where the best shops and hotels are, along with the embassies.




that’s for valet on the left.


B and I at the super fancy Le Mat for lunch in Polanco

We also ate at one of MC’s chicest restaurants, "Dulce Patria,” where we feasted like kings and queens for about $60 USD. Crazy!



The neighborhood we stayed in – more “trendy” and young. Tons of sidewalk cafes line the street.


just stay away from this dude on the left, I can tell he wants you.



We went to a mezcal bar called La Botica. If you’ve never had mezcal, you at least certainly recognize it’s infamous worm-in-the-bottle marketing fail. Mezcal is really a mix between tequila and scotch, derived from a type of agave plant. You’re meant to sip the smoky flavored shot, almost like a brandy or limoncello type of drink. La Botica kicked butt in the cool department with their drinks and atmosphere, and if you want to try mezcal in New York, give Casa Mezcal a try!

The night that was most fun for me was in Condesa – at a brand new restaurant that very well could have been Freeman’s Mexico City. There was also a club attached that was basically Southside Mexico City, where we helped ourselves to bottles and bottles of Grey Goose, Perrier Jouet, and Mezcal, like it was 2004, baby. I can’t tell you the last time I had bottle service, but at that price with those people, in that environment, it was great! We could have been in NY, but we weren’t – Mexico City was extra sexy that night.


muy sexy.

Our two big tourist trips were to the Centro Historico and Teotihuacan. My favorite parts were the Cathedral of Guadalupe in Centro Historico and when the Teotihuacan tour was over – no shade for my poor little body!



On the way to one of the many churches of Guadalupe – she is immensely popular in Mexico.


This beautiful hotel, Gran Hotel de lai Ciudad, in Centro Historico used to be the first shopping mall – beautiful French influences, singing birds in cages, lots of marble – heaven!


The main pyramid in the plaza where every 50 years they would give offerings in the main square.


No shade for the weary and pale.

If you are interested in further information about anywhere I’ve mentioned (or didn’t, including our driver) in Mexico City or are planning a trip there, please email me! I’d love to chat about it with you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

High Times on the High Line

This should be called food coma on an old railroad, but I think the first title is catchier. In my infinite amounts of spare time I have this June (can’t wait to get back to work!) I have explored and re-explored much of Manhattan, including the High Line’s newest addition stretching to 30th st. Working backwards, here are the highlights.


Right out of the gate, of course, with the food! Coolhaus’ dirty mint chip ice cream with chocolate chip cookie. It would have been wonderful to have a chocolate cookie option and for the cookies not to be made right on site (they need time to set up), but all in all still tasty and I still ate it. This was parked in the delicious little new section called The Lot on 30th and 10th ave, where Colicchio & Sons have curiously set up a biergarten next to this:


Sponsored by AOL and called “Rainbow City,” the children out last Wednesday afternoon seemed to really be enjoying themselves. There’s even the ubiquitous stroller park near one of the moon walks! Wonder what happens on the weekends, though – do you have to be under 4’ to ride those rides?

Walking back up towards Gansevoort, here’s what the view looks like:


Paths are still very narrow but open onto these lovely green grass areas that feel wonderful beneath your feet. Two older gentlemen were also jammin’ out to some old blues songs on their guitars on one stretch – perfect!


I believe they call this “juxtaposition.”

Making my way back up the paths I was giddy with sugar excitement to find a La Newyorkina stand selling plateas. Cucumber lime. Do it.


Good thing I didn’t exit before Gansevoort like I’d planned because around 14th or 16th or so there was this great little wet pebble section where everyone was taking off their shoes and puddling their way through it. Even I, germaphobe, got in on it. Perfect day on the High Line!


I call this one “Rainbows in Pebbles.”







Three Editorials for your Tuesday

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