Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sick Day Movies

Let me just tell you, daytime television is NOT good. You know something is very wrong when you've watched  every Real Housewives and America's Next Top Model, or when you get really angry when the 20/20 on TLC or 48 Hour Mysteries is a repeat. (just sayin!). Such is the life of a freelancer - turn on something, anything for noise, and get to work. I usually have a TV on in another room just so it sounds like people are in there.

When you're sick, however, you want something awesome, amazing, mind-numbingly funny,  and NOT on daytime or weekend television repeatedly (Devil Wears Prada, I love you, but I mean you.) Refinery29 has provided their favorites for sick day movies. Some of my faves are included, and I've added a few to their great list as well. Which are your favorites? 

"It's Rex Manning Day!"


"I like, totally paused!"


"It's cookie time!"

"I can pay for my own whiskey and don't you forget it!"

Breakfast at Tiffany's

"There's something really sexy about Scrooge McDuck."

The Last Days of Disco

"I can't feel my teeth!"


"Hello, gorgeous."

"It's Trip McNeily!"

Can't Hardly Wait

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guest Post @ The Zhush!

Today I was featured in a guest post on The Zhush, one of my personal favorite sites by my blogworld friend, Sue! I did a little runway to realway and had such a blast doing it. Here's a tease - go to The Zhush to catch the rest of it AND shop her amazing online shop!

Today you are in for a "real" treat. I've asked Lauren from Where The Style Things Are, to give us all some insider dish.  Lauren is not only a fashion and style blogger, but she's also a New York City freelance fashion editor that has worked for some major mags. (The girl is bonafide.)  Here's her spin on the latest and greatest trends in fashion.

Hi there! I'm so thrilled to be on The Zhush, one of my personal favorites! As a freelance fashion editor and blogger I see all the shows and clothes and am excited to share the best of the runway to real way for Spring 2012.
PEPLUM: Everyone thinks peplum is such a hard look, but it's not. Keep the peplum in the top, not in a skirt, which could make you look heavier, and pair with a skinny bottom. Asos, $39.39

Wise Words

Random Things to Buy Right Now

Love Obsessed
Love. And obsessed. Hand-painted vintage baubles at very reasonable prices! Visit the etsy shop here.

Vintage 1950s Hand Painted Turquoise and Rhinestone Chandelier EarringsVintage 1950s One Of A Kind Hand Painted Bold Neon Pink Orange and Yellow NecklaceVintage 1950s One Of A Kind Hand Painted Bold Turquoise Purple and Pink Necklace

J Hill Design - Monogram Prints

How cute for a wedding present! The bottom says "a golden girl hearts a peachy boy" - get it? Click here to buy - starting at $65.00.

Markus Lupfer

Cool dress. Get it while it's hot. $248

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eating My Way Through The East Village: Cook Kid Mexican Edition

Even more coolness in the East Village! I have been waiting for Empellon Cocina to open because:
1) I love Empellon
2) I saw they had a lobster queso on the menu
In true food creep style, I cruised by the place so many times looking for them to be officially open. Finally, we got a reservation (late, naturally) and tried out Alex Stupak's second hand at Mexican. It's delicious. If you've been lucky to go to WD-50 (shout out to Nicko and Joshie for taking me there!), the meal starts with the same sort of coral-reef inspired flat bread, only this one is like a really delicious corn tortilla flat bread thingy. It was exceptionally greasy, but that means it was really good, right? Dip it into the pistachio guac. There were a ton of nuts on the menu which made it difficult for me, but lobster queso did NOT disappoint. I consider the fact that I haven't been ordering it to go nightly a real coup in my life. They have an extensive and expensive tequila and  mezcal menu, and your margarita comes with a choice of tequila or mezcal. Viva le mezcal! And for those that have it coming to them, a serrano tincture (fancy word for spicy syrup) can be added as well. 

{image via Empellon}
105 First Avenue 
New York, NY 10003

Shocker! Another case of me jumping the gun on an opening, but I get so excited reading all my food blogs and seeing what's new in our fair city.  Plus, I'm no fool - it's only a matter of time before everyone goes there, then B&T goes there, then the place is g-o-n-e. Pulqueria was definitely cool kid territory - by default, as it's located waaaaay the hell down in Chinatown! But, with Le Baron around the corner now and Apotheke next door (they're allegedly connected underground) this little corner of Chinatown is bumpin'. 

{image via the NYT}

Pulque is an old Mexican elixir and is milky with a little bit of fermented bubbling - kind of like a milky Kombucha, two things that should never mix. However, it somehow works in the decent cocktails. I wouldn't say they're outstanding because by nature I'm not going to like pulque, but the atmosphere was so cool I didn't care. Reasons for its hype:
1) It's underground. as in under yet another Chinese store front, but unlike it's sister bar, Apotheke, this one you have to actually go down steep steps to get to the landing.
2) There is an awesome bar scene, all Mexican-tiled and thatch-roofed with plenty of room to dance. In fact they have Monday night parties and a DJ quite often. I would definitely bust a move here, decked out in my downtown finest. 
3) It has sikil pak, this pumpkin seed spread stuff, which is actually quite good, had we gotten ours anytime close to when we ordered it.
4) Service is less than par, but this is almost a prerequiste at a "cool kid" spot and I feel like a grandma complaining about it, but that's why when a cool spot has good food and good service, everyone goes nuts.

11 Doyers St
New York, NY 10013
212.227.3099 Brillz: When Kate Met Blake

-Britt Aboutaleb,
{image via, words via Britt, layover via moi}

How great is that poem alteration thanks to Elle's Britt Aboutaleb? Kate Moss and Jaime Hince just bought Samuel Taylor Coleridge's house in London which was originally built by William Blake. Congrats to Kate and Jaime!

Hope you're enjoying playing with graphics as much as I am! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Look At Me, Mama!

Check me out  - I've been selected as part of the "Best of the Web" series on Be In Style. Thanks, guys!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Files: Tangerine

Noticing some new changes around here? I’m brushing up on my mad Photoshop and InDesign skillz! Here’s what having too much time gets you: really pretty graphics. Enjoy from this Friday on!


1. EARRINGS, Max&Chloe, $43
2. TOP, Buckle, $37
3. NECKLACE, Kate Spade, $107
4. CUFF, Tory Burch, $135
5. DRESS, Stella McCartney, $1245
6. BAG, Michael Michael Kors, $348

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eating My Way Through The East Village: Where The Cool Kids go

Here's two more places to try out in the East Village!

Yay, where all the really cool kids hang, although my hipster friend calls it "too 9-5er." I refuse to think it's hit the saturation point because to me it's a neighborhood joint. A neighborhood joint that now has an extra cool subterranean date spot with nightly jazz. Boyfriend and I ate upstairs one night shortly after they opened because I assumed it would probably be the only time we'd be able to go there before everyone was trying to go there. It's in the old Acme space (remember the cajun dive?) with the same storefront. But once inside, it's a completely transported world. The decor is by the same people who did my precious Indochine and its special breed of downtown cool shows. The long beautiful bar and dining room are a little Keith McNally, but the food is all Mads Refslund, a Danish import from one of the world's best restaurants. The food is unexpected and a little weird - the dessert porridge required some convincing and when have I ever had to be convinced of dessert? - but it's really top notch. A fun, scene-y and neighborhood place with an excellent menu? Quelle surprise! For a full food rundown, check out my buddies at Immaculate Infatuation.

{image via Eater}
9 Great Jones Street
New York
(212) 203-2121

Moving on down to The Bowery is the newest incarnation of the team from Wilfie & Nell: The Wren. I love this spot. It' s becoming a catch-all for my friends and I who have graduated past Spring Lounge (most nights) but still want a fun bar to hang out at and see everyone, only this time with $13 cocktails and real seating. Take that for what you will, but I think it's a great mix of neighborhood people with neighborhood yuppies. The theme is loosely British pub, and there's plenty of room at the front of the place for casual bar-standing-around. There's good date space in the back. Try to snag a booth in the front the window, though, for maximum people watching and maximum exposure to everyone entering and leaving. The food menu isn't much, just like at Wilfie & Nell, and also just like at Wilfie  & Nell I'd be lying if I said I'd eaten there. Drinks - I like the 7th (st.germain, vodka, lime, grapefruit), boyfriend likes the Great Jones (scotch, maple syrup, walnut bitters) - a little something for everyone. This place was made for dates, y'all.

The Wren Bar

{images of the Wren via Girl Meets Whirl}
The Wren
344 bowery 
new yorkny 10012
212 388 0148

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easy Breezy Dresses from American Eagle: Variations on a Theme

So as I was passing American Eagle the other day, something compelled me to run inside, and I'm glad I did - they have the cutest little runaround dresses for the weekend! Someone's figured out how flattering the sweetheart neckline is and has run with it. At $50 and below, they're quite the steal. Which one(s) should I get? 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wise Words




image by Arthur Belebeau

A Beautiful Day for Banana Bread with Greek Yogurt

I found this recipe on Lemon Drop Foodie and cannot say enough good things. By nature I’m not really a banana/zucchini/pumpkin bread type of gal but this is so light and fluffy and HEALTHY that even I couldn’t resist. I used Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream.


4 ounces butter at room temperature (1/2 cup)
7 ounces granulated sugar (1 cup)
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
2 large eggs, at room temperature
6 1/2 ounces plain flour (1 1/2 cups)
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 medium bananas, peeled and mashed
125ml of greek yogurt (or full fat sour cream) (1/2 cup)

PREHEAT oven to 350F
SPRAY 9x5" loaf pan with cooking spray
IN BOWL OF STAND MIXER, fitted with paddle attachment, cream butter and sugar MED speed for 3-5 minutes until light and fluffy
ADD in vanilla and 1 egg.
BLEND until combined and add remaining egg
IN SEPARATE BOWL, whisk together remaining dry ingredient
FOLD into wet ingredients until just combined
STIR IN bananas and yogurt
SPOON batter into prepared loaf pan and level the top
BAKE 55-60 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Best Street Style This Go Round

I love these pants!

Lauren makes preppy look chic with her colors and collars. 

MOD chic at its best

This is so fresh and great - love the layering.

Let your colored fur make the statement.

This might be the most perfect outfit ever - Chloe scallops and cropped with dots!

High low, night day - a plain crewneck gives life to a disco skirt. 

Normally I despise knee high boots without tights, but this looks so euro (in a good way). Make sure your skirt is LONG should you want to try this.

The daytime tuxedo. 

Fur and white denim - only in Paris. 

images via Harper's Bazaar


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