Friday, February 26, 2010

Wise Words: John to Kate (Not That John & Kate)

kateandjohn“John [Galliano] would stand on the runway and tell you a story about who you were. He’d say, ‘You’re a princess and you’ve just escaped from the castle and you’re running away from the wolves,’ and the wolves would be howling on the soundtrack, and he’d send you out, and he’d cry, ‘Run, Kate, Run!’”

–Kate Moss on her favorite fashion moment, via Grazia

(Kate and John at left goofing off)

This just cracked me up

one of the best things in the world (G) against one of the worst (pigeons).

A New Way to Store All Those Bows

For little girls’ hair, wrapping, or just your bow collection (yes, I know, it’s sick): from Style Redux, a pretty solution.


What do you think? C’est tres belle, non?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spotlight On: New York City’s Hottest Bartender, Jeff Palmiotti

133 No, that’s not an opinion – that’s a fact. Jeff Palmiotti has been named “ New York City’s Hottest Bartender” by Playgirl magazine, and I couldn’t resist an opportunity to chat with him about his new title (and tease him a bit). We took a walk around the Brooklyn Flea and I got to chat a bit with this man –about -town.
Where The Style Things Are: Yay! Jeff! I’m so glad to see you. So you were named New York City’s Hottest Bartender.  I can say I knew you way back when. How did this all come to be?

Jeff: Well, a friend of mine entered me into the contest and I
thought, “Why not?” I kept making the next cut and when it got down to the top 12, I thought, wow, this really could happen and I might have to go nude…and I called my mom. She said, “Do you think you’ll run for President one day?” and I told her no, at which point she said: “Well, Jeffrey, I learned a long time ago this is your journey...".and she gave me the ok.
WTSTA: You’ve been bartending since I’ve known you (since 2004). Did you know you gave me my first Raspberry Stoli gimlet? I wouldn’t drink anything but that for a long time in college.
Jeff: Ha, really?
WTSTA: Yep. What’s your favorite drink?
Jeff: I like Manhattans, but lately it’s been  all shots of Patron and Jameson.
WTSTA: Mmm, Manhattans. Delish. Do you ever get tired of making all those vodka sodas/tonics?
Jeff: No, because the vodka soda people know what they want; they get in and get out. It’s the white chocolate martini drinkers that get me. I’ve been making old-fashioneds a lot at Ten Degrees lately, too.
WTSTA: So you bartend at Ten Degrees in the East Village and Posh in Hell’s Kitchen. I bet you run into a lot of students who stiff you on tips in the EV?
Jeff: No, it’s the foreigners that stiff you. They act like they don’t know. Or it’s those guys that think they’re sticking it to the system – when in reality you’re screwing the person serving you drinks. Sometimes people forget that we make our money almost exclusively in tips.
WTSTA: Any tipping advice from the other side of the bar?
Jeff: Don’t ever leave less than a dollar per drink. I always tip at least $2, but I’m in the industry and I know what it’s like.
WTSTA: Best hangover cure?
Jeff (quickly, and without any hesitation): 2 draft beers. Stellas.
WTSTA: What bars do you like to frequent?
Jeff: I’m so busy that I don’t have a lot of places that I go to regularly – usually there’s always stuff to do and that’s where I go, where the things to do are, or I have my friends come to me at Posh and Ten Degrees. I do like Decibel, this sake bar in the East Village, or Union Pool, or Legion. Also Banjo Jim’s. The Box is always fun  - I like the bizarre, circus aspect of it.
WTSTA: Speaking of which, you are so much more than just “New York City’s Hottest Bartender.” You’re involved in so many things, including The Citizens Band. I am so bummed I missed your last performance! Can you explain a little about what it is?
Jeff: It’s a mix of a cabaret, play, band...performances, dance, trapeze. A bit of everything.
WTSTA: Um, and some pretty rad people are involved – Karen Elson, Nina Persson of The Cardigans, Zoe Kravitz, Rain Phoenix. That’s incredible.
Jeff: Yeah, definitely a magical time with some amazing people.
WTSTA: You’re a musician, heading up the band Jeff Palmiotti and The Hey Rube, and had a song featured in Malan Breton’s SS2010 show (“All I Want Is Spring”). You’re also writing a musical and have a food company, PhysEat, that will be available soon.  So, so busy!
Jeff: It’s great – I love performing in my band. I’m also writing, composing, styling, and directing the group. PhysEat is  food to “feed your physique” – high protein foods for people who workout.
WTSTA: You love to work out – gotta keep that bod hot. I know you box and lift weights to look hot in those stylish clothes I always see you in. How would you describe your personal style?
Jeff (laughs): When I dress up, it’s kind of Bill the Butcher meets the Joker.
WTSTA: Ha, I think it’s polished cool. Classic with a little whimsy. And definitely ahead of the curve – tight tees and jeans before they were cool.
Jeff: But no skinny jeans. Skinny jeans can kiss my ass. You know who looks good in skinny jeans? Hot chicks.
WTSTA: Agreed. Have any advice for guys in New York ready to branch out into something other than khakis and button-downs?
Jeff (lights up): You don’t have to dress exactly like your friends. You don’t have to shop at the same stores…or from the same catalogs (winks). Go with what you like – you’re friends might bust your chops at first, but you’ll be laughing when you’re making out and they're not– girls love it when you try something different. Oh, and polish your shoes! My dad used to polish all  his shoes every week. I still have the first shoe polish kit he ever gave me.
WTSTA: One last question – what do you love about New York?
Jeff: There’s so much opportunity and you can do your own thing with less judgment. There are so many connections to be made here – New York is small. For example, I met designer Malan Breton while checking out a new bar. He sat down next to me at the bar and we got to talking and talked for over an hour. I ran into him a couple more times and he approached me asking me to use my song. That’s what I love about New York – great people doing great things.

Jeff Palmiotti lives in Williamsburg and is “100% single." He’s the front man of the band Jeff Palmiotti and The Hey Rube and bartends Wednesdays at Posh and Thursdays and Sundays at Ten Degrees. He will be bartending this Wednesday at Posh, matching his tips as a donation to The Red Cross. Stop by and see him!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Words To Live By

BelushiCollegeI came across this list of A College Man’s Guide to Life: Advice to School-Boy Self on Ivy-Style and couldn’t resist sharing some of the best ones with you. College seems so far in the past – but I’m glad I know now what I didn’t know then.

Fake it til you make it. No one will know the difference.

Try not to be such an asshole.

Step up to the plate and swing for the fences.

She likes you; ask her out.

You won’t be in love for real until you’re at least 30. Date as many girls as you can without being a jerk.

Live with purpose. A laissez-faire mentality only goes so far.

Firm handshake, eye contact, smile.

Stay calm, it all works out in the end. And pay attention in French class.

These are the best years of your life. Behave accordingly.

Get a haircut.

It is who you know. Make a good first impression.


Aren’t those fantastic? The last one is so crucially important. Just in case you (guys or gals) are looking to interview, here are tips for making a great first impression:


Do your research.

Have clean shoes, clothes pressed, nails and hair neat.

Remove distracting jewelry.

Have a clean copy of your resume.

Know how long it will take you to get to the interview and how to get there ahead of time.

Pronounce all names correctly.

Have a working pen and notebook in case you need it.

Ladies, your purse should only contain the neccessities so you aren’t rifiling through your bag. Have a compact and lipstick for touch-ups.

Don’t carry flashy bags – if they’re a stylish person, they’ll recognize quiet elegance over loud logos.

Greet potential employers with a firm handshake, look them in the eye, enunciate your words, and SMILE!

Good luck mes amis! xx

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wise Words


lucyina“Home is what makes you happy.”

– Jonathan Adler

Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde

Bazaar March 2010

In Preparation for Sonia Rykiel pour H&M: A Crash Course in The Queen of Knits

I was super disappointed in a) the reception of and b) the prices of the Sonia Rykiel Lingerie line for H&M, but the one landing in stores Feb 20 has me giggling and wiggling for all things Sonia.

Sonia Rykiel, to me, symbolizes French quirky chic at its best. Stripes, bows, jumpsuits, knits, piping seams, printed words, rhinestones, ruffles – it’s all there in this H&M collection and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

And in case you aren’t up to date on your French history, here’s a quick rundown of Sonia Rykiel: She’s The Queen of Knits  (She got her start making maternity knitwear for herself), with a flair for the dramatic and a predisposition of fun, fun, fun.

sonia-rykiel-pour-h&m-3refinery29.1 29.95sonia 29.95

Bottom two sweaters: $29.99 each. Bien sur, s’il vous-plait!


Key elements to Sonia Rykiel designs:

whimsy * trademark stripes * bows * rhinestones * knits * ruffles * concentrated colors with black * fun * graphic printed words * sparkle * piping


For Spring Summer 2009 and her 40th anniversary she had one of the most fun fashion shows I’ve ever seen (on, of course) – what Nicole Phelps of called “genuinely fun fashion” complete with conga lines, dancing models, and confetti, and “30’s by way of 70’s” feeling.


Lily and Raquel look like they are having so much fun!

Her daughter Nathalie got in the same spirit and surprised her maman with “Bon Anniversaire, Maman” – a surprise 30 + models runway show after the Spring Summer 2009 show. And what a show it was: Nathalie got designers to create designs inspired by Sonia Rykiel. The results were, as the French say, incroyable.

ralphforsonia  missoniforsonia chanelforsonia anndemforsoniastellaforsonia ninaforsonia korsforsonia

Ralph, Missoni, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Ann Demeulemeester, Stella, Nina Ricci, and Michael Kors for Sonia Rykiel

Bisoux! xx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In Which Jake The Bachelor Scores Three Out of Five

I had so much fun with this post that I wanted to do it again – with the opposite perspective. So I took a totally random non-scientific poll of girls to find out: What Are The Top Five Most Offensive Man Fashions?


5. Flat billed hats


Only ok if you are T.I.

4. Short-sleeve button downs


I don’t care if it’s Prada, you’ll always look like Dwight.

3. Man jewels


Omg, no.

2. Wifebeaters

wifebeater-wonder kevin_federline_narrowweb__300x479,0

Either way, you lose.

[Ed note: I TOLD you guys I was justified in the wifebeater breakup!]

1. Puka shell necklaces


Oh man, did puka shell necklaces earn this. Somewhere, some Abercrombie dude is congratulating himself for single-handedly bringing the worst accessory ever to the mainstream. See? The picture just goes to show…even if you’re tan, handsome, and being shot by Bruce Weber on some awesome beach, you still look terrible.

Jake The Bachelor (who I am very, very mad at for his poor choices on the show) commits three out of these five crimes: puka shell necklaces, wifebeaters (while on motorcycle…eee), and other assorted man jewels including a neon orange velcro strap watch – and not in the cool, ironic way.


Other items that narrowly missed the top 5? Square toed shoes (yuck, yuck, YUCK, post TK on guys’ shoes), mandals, and cargo pants.

Guys, if you’re unsure of what to wear, let me just tell you – a tee, jeans, and sneaks are always good, as are button downs, blue blazers, jeans, and loafers. It’s really that simple.



Got it, Jake?


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Getting to Know Margaux

clary2We took some time out to chat with Margaret and Clary Bosbyshell of Margaux Interiors in Atlanta, who were featured on the cover of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. Love what they did with the interiors!


What inspired you to go into the mother-daughter business? Has it been a smooth transition?

Clary: Ever since I can remember I wanted to be an interior designer just like my mother. Growing up I was constantly surrounded by beautiful objects, fabrics, and furniture where I begin training my eye. As I got older I also became interested in fashion. I got the opportunity to pursue this interest in Savannah, Georgia at the high-end ladies contemporary boutique, BleuBelle. Though I loved working in fashion merchandising, I came to realize that my true passion lay in interior design. I called my mother and told her I was coming back to Atlanta to pursue a career in interior design. She was at a point where her business had grown so much that she really needed an assistant, so it just made sense for us to start working together. Now I am the third generation in the furnishing business in my family.

Margaret: Yes, it has been a smooth and fun transition. Of course Clary had and still has a lot to learn because it takes years to learn the business, but I have much to learn about new technologies myself, such as Facebook, blogging, etc.


images via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


What's the best part about working together?

The best part about working together is being able to creatively bounce ideas off each other and being bluntly honest.


Describe your aesthetic/mission. Who is your client?

Our mission is to create a chic and timeless look that reflects the lifestyle of our client. We try to achieve the look that our client desires, with an eye for good design and quality. We reflect our client’s personality and life in our work. We are comfortable doing many varied looks. All our jobs look different.


Any favorite designers?

Kelly Wearstler, Barry Dixon, Dorothy Draper, Jim Thompson, Jansen, Nina Campbell


Favorite patterns, textiles, treatments?

We are loving China Seas/Quadrille Fabrics right now because they have a happy sophistication. We like a touch of animal print. Jim Thompson’s Duquette silk collection is to die for. Pierre Frey and Manuel Canovas fabrics add the French eye for chic drama and D├ęcor de Paris has fabulous trims.

We love anything Louis the XVI, English Regency, Art Deco, Chinoiserie, motifs, Oriental rugs, Lucite, mirrored pieces, and geometric patterns. It is interesting to mix textures, patterns, old, new, and vintage.

Furniture Lines/Designers we love: Baker, Wesley Hall, Pierce Martin, Hickory Chair, and Oly


[Ed note]: I love the below room.


images via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

If you don't have a ton of money but want to make a house more of a home, what do you suggest buying?

Just choosing a great paint color can add so much personality. Next, we would suggest purchasing a comfortable, classic sofa in a neutral fabric that is eight-way hand-tied and has a solid hardwood frame so it will last 20+ years. Then add fun accessories, such as pillows and art to reflect your personal style.


Tell me about what's hot in color and what people request most frequently.

We personally love purples and fuchsias mixed with grays, but the most requested and popular colors with our customers are seafoam blues, turquoises, and creams.


Any design tips?

Choice a great paint color and don’t be afraid to take risks and be adventuresome!     


claryMargaret Bosbyshell started Atlanta-based Margaux Interiors Limited in 1982. She has worked all over the country doing everything from a ranch in Colorado to a penthouse in Tribeca, and of course Atlanta homes. Clary joined her last fall. The house that was featured on the cover of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles  and in this post is of a former California couple that now lives on Andrews Drive.

Monday, February 15, 2010

It’s A Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

Bringing to you today the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of my little slice of New York. On the edge of Little Italy, Chinatown, Lower East Side, Soho, and Nolita…I’m lucky



Candy octopus at Papabubble candies, 380 Broome St

Credit: Engine 55, Broome Street, 1998 (w/c on paper) by Frederick Brosen (Contemporary Artist)
Private Collection/ LTD Editions for Frederick Brosen/ The Bridgeman Art Library
Nationality / copyright status: American / in copyright
PLEASE NOTE: This image is protected by artist's copyright which needs to be cleared by you. If you require assistance in clearing permission we will be pleased to help you. In addition, we work with the owner of the image to clear permission. If you wish to reproduce this image, please inform us so we can clear permission for you.

Our firehouse, Engine 55, 365 Broome St


The monstrous sandwiches for cheap at Parisi Bakery, 198 Mott St


The smell of fresh baked bread for Banh Mis at Viet-Nam Banh Mi So 1, 367 Broome St


Lemon poppy muffins at Oro Bakery (image via New York Mag), 375 Broome St


The soft rock and Christmas Carols literally streaming out of Sal’s Little Italy, 369 Broome St (image via nychinatown)

exquisite costumes

The beautiful wares in the window of Exquisite Costume, 377 Broome St (images via exquisite costume)


The bells at the Filipino church (image via nychinatown)


The door at Gold Bar, 389 Broome St (via nychinatown)


Goldfish aquarium place on Broome & Mott


The buzz and construction surrounding the now-closed Civetta, which will be reincarnated officially this week into Kenmare, a new hotspot (the next Beatrice?) from the guys behind the Beatrice and Rose Bar, 98 Kenmare

Wise Words: Hello, Gorgeous.

fanny“Suppose all ya ever had for breakfast was onion rolls. Then one day, in walks (gasp) a bagel! You'd say, 'Ugh, what's that?' Until you tried it! That's my problem - I'm a bagel on a plate full of onion rolls.”

– Fanny Brice, Funny Girl


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